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Not Just Another...

Part 3


IV. Seven Steps to Overcoming Racism in Your Life

Most people already know it's wrong. What they really need is help to overcome it. Let me show you how.

A. Acknowledge the Problem - There is nothing that can be overcome without first admitting that you have a problem with it. If this has been an area of concern in your life, it's probably been there for a while. Perhaps you know it, you've just never been big enough to admit it to yourself. Take that step today. Say, "I have a problem with racism." If you know you have a problem with it but will not admit it, you can stop reading now. The following steps won't help you if you don't acknowledge the problem.


B. Identify the Causes - A large percentage of the time, racism and prejudice are learned from a parent, grandparent, friend, or some significant other in your life. We know it is learned because it is definitely not natural.

Two decades after the Civil War, the North and South still had not achieved reconciliation. Such reconciliation would not succeed unless it was achieved by the generation that fought that war. Should that generation die unreconciled, its hatreds would become the next generation's legacy, and would be perpetuated. It is an historical truism that inheriting hatred is a near inevitability, eradicating them a near impossibility.

You must identify the initial causes of your prejudices, like, "I learned it from ___________," and fill-in the blank.
Next, you must identify that which causes feelings of prejudice to arise in your heart today. For example, those feelings might arise for some when they see two races intermarried, or when they see a child belonging to the race they feel is best being cared for by a couple that belongs to a race they feel is inferior. Some people struggle with prejudice when they are cut-off in traffic by someone different from them. Whatever it is, identify it.

C. Predetermine your Reactions - Having identified that which causes these feelings, think through the situations that stir up these negative feelings for you. Work through them in your mind, determine that the problem is yours, not theirs, and decide in your mind how you will react the next time the situation arises.

D. Pray for God's Help - There are very few problems in life that we can face alone. Ask God to help you and purpose in your heart to accept His help. Never ask God to help you simply to pacify Him. He sees right through that and it only hurts you.

E. Memorize a Verse or Verses Pertinent to Your Problem - The Bible promises that God's Word NEVER returns void. After asking for God's help, meditate on the verse you memorized and let it do it's work in your heart.

F. Chart Your Progress - Some days will be better than others. Celebrate the successes on the good days. On the bad days, revisit the steps of identifying the causes and predetermining your reactions. I would even encourage you to keep track of it all in a journal. You will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you make.

G. Commit It To The Lord - No one wants to build successes in your life more than the Lord Jesus Himself. In your quest to be more like Him, commit your plans to the Lord and you will succeed.




Prejudice will blind us to the truth at best, and cause us to believe a lie at worst. Race makes no difference to God - He shows no favoritism to any race that assumes it is superior to another. Likewise, He shows no partiality to a race that has been mistreated:"In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him" (Acts 10:28,34-35). God is colorblind. Are you?

On January 26, 2001, Seiko Sakamoto, a plasterer working in a Tokyo subway station, fell into the path of an oncoming train. Lee Su Hyun, a Korean student in Japan for language studies, leaped down on the tracks to save Sakamoto. Both Hyun and Sakamoto were unable to exit the path of the oncoming train and were killed.

This selfless act by the Korean student on behalf of the Japanese laborer has caused many people in Japan to reconsider their long-held prejudices directed toward Koreans. Strong feelings of distrust between the two countries go back to World War II-atrocities inflicted upon Koreans by the Japanese. Many Japanese people, including the prime minister of Japan, have openly expressed sorrow over their previously held stereotypes of Koreans and have begun to talk about reconciliation. Nobuaki Fujioka, a 62-year-old Japanese, said, "I felt a kind of shame. A young foreigner sacrificed his life for a Japanese. This is not an easy thing to do."

Admitting your struggle and bringing it to God may be something He is leading you to do today. Problems with racism must be overcome one person at a time. Will you be the first to fall at Jesus' feet, to repent, and ask for His help? Take a moment to recommit your heart to Christ and allow Him to color your world with love and acceptance.


Copyright 2010-2012. Faith Matters by Dr. Ken Lovelace. All rights reserved.




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