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He's There
by Lygia Lovelace


I didn't think I would have an article this week. I'm still not sure this one will be worth the time you take to read it. Sometimes it's like that. I've had my mind on some heavy things over the past few days. Sometimes life is just hard. When circumstances crowd my mind and emotions, I don't feel like I get much accomplished in my week.


Do you ever feel that way?


Strangely enough, for no apparent reason, a few of our boys got the chicken pox. We noticed them last Sunday. Yes, we've had the vaccine. No, we are not around others very much…and no, not everyone around here got it. But it was enough to keep us at home…to keep us from the plans we had already made for the week.


In his heart a man (or a woman) plans his (or her) course,
but the Lord determines his (or her) steps.
Proverbs 16:9


Many are the plans in a man's (or a mom's) heart,
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

Things have just happened this week that have been hard to explain…our house in Texas was vandalized, my heart has been hurting because of an unhappy family member…nothing earth shattering…just…not fun.


Ever been there?


When things happen around me that I don't like, my spirit gets quiet. I've done a lot of praying. I've spent a lot of time in the book of Matthew; I've gone through a lot of introspection. I guess I would have preferred to have been busy with the plans we had already made…so I wouldn't have to think so much about sad things.


But then…there was the chicken pox…you know. We couldn't leave the house.


So, the kids and I spent a lot of time outside, by ourselves.


We weeded the garden. We played hopscotch on the sidewalk (Emerson is quite impressive -- she can hopscotch in her pink plastic heels!), we read books, we did laundry, Jonah walked Rudy…


The twins and I filled the bird feeders and strung Cheerios for the birds.


The boys put the swimming pool at the bottom of the slide, filled it with water, and then poured dish soap on the slide to make it slippery. And it was slippery! I thought the little girls would sail right into the building next door!


Fun times, sad times. Nothing significant, really.


I did notice a few things this week, as I worked and played outside. There are so many robins here. Because we have ready food for them, they frequent our yard, and have built nests in almost every direction. We've kept our eyes on those baby birds. The nests, of course, are too high for us to actually see the babies.


But they must have all been born around the same time, because now they are all being pushed out of their nests! All week, we've listened to baby birds yelling and chirping as they've hopped and attempted to fly in our yard! Mom and Dad robins have been everywhere, watching from above -- on the roofs, in tall trees. They chirp back, but offer no assistance. They are there, though, always vigilant.


Thursday night, I couldn't find our six-year-old. It was almost dark, and I became concerned. After searching and calling, I found him outside, behind our shed, with a baby robin cradled in his hands.


"Mommy, look at this baby bird! He's scared. He can't fly very well, and I think he needs my help."


"Elijah, unfortunately there's nothing we can do. It's up to the baby bird. He has to learn to fly. See? His mommy is watching from the roof."


Elijah couldn't believe it. "But why can't she help him? Somebody has to help him!"


"If he doesn't learn to fly by himself, how will he make it? It's God's way."


Gently Elijah put down the bird. The baby hopped away, flapping its wings, continuing its incessant chirping. The mommy bird chirped back, but did nothing. It was her baby's journey, not her own.




Hand-in-hand, Elijah and I walked back inside the house. He, too, will have his own journey, some day, his own wing-strengthening. He will have his own time of decision. He will develop his own flight pattern. And God will be there, ever vigilant.


In the mornings this week, before it got too hot, I worked in our garden. Missouri dirt is hard and dry, at least in our yard! When we began our garden, a month or so ago, we could barely break up the ground! To protect the baby plants, we cut open milk jugs and anchored them inside, placing vitamins and potting soil within. With holes in the bottoms of the milk jugs, the roots were able to grow healthy before they began their long arduous journey into the tough Missouri dirt.


It worked. But now the plants are growing so well, they were being oppressed within the milk jugs. I had to cut away the jugs to let the plants have full reign of their own plot of ground. It was a painful process. There was some uprooting involved. Neither I nor the plants enjoyed it.




Tears mingled with sweat this week as I worked in the garden. I knew God was speaking.


I can pull weeds, I can water, but I can't do the growing for those budding plants. I can't produce the fruit for them, either. All I can do is tend, but only for a season.


And our garden plants are all different…some are growing rapidly, some have already given produce, some appear to be wilted, some have barely grown. And then, there's the oak tree, growing faithfully from an acorn Jonah planted.


It's waist high now. Can you believe it? Admittedly, it's beautiful! I have an oak tree in my garden, right next to the jalapeno peppers.


Life and growth are indeed unpredictable, and sometimes painful. Circumstances are certainly unpredictable, as are family members!


But God is faithful. If not for this sadness, if not for these trials, then I really wouldn't know how very faithful He is.


He's there…even in the insignificant…the hopscotch moments, the chicken pox moments.


He's there for you. Each week, He has a plan. Each week, there's something He wants to teach you. Do you know that?


So what if life is unpredictable. So what if it's sad!


He's there.


Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test,
he will receive the crown of life that God has promised
to those who love Him.
James 1:12


Copyright © 2010. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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