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It's That Time Again



Hello prayer partners, I hope all is well!


Next Sunday, September 28, Jonah, Elijah, and I (Lygia) will be headed to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for 2 weeks. Will you pray for us again this time? Honestly, we don't even want to attempt this trip without knowing you are praying.


The boys will participate in Intensive Therapy sessions this time, which will be Monday thru Friday for 2 weeks. They will work on strengthening arms, legs, hips, and other areas that are problem areas for Ehlers-Danlos. They will also get to meet other boys their age who have the disease. We did this once before, almost 2 years ago, and it was so helpful that literally, Jonah went from being wheelchair bound to walking within a month. It's a good thing we're going...Jonah is in a wheelchair again now. He fell at circus and is not able to walk right now. He is very discouraged, so we are praying that God will use this Intensive Therapy session to motivate, strengthen, and encourage him. Please pray with us!


I haven't yet stopped to count how many appointments we have this time, but we will be seeing cardiology, GI, urology, neurology, and orthopedics while we are there. We definitely have a full schedule.


We do have a huge prayer request regarding Elijah. He will be tested this time for Vascular EDS. This is the most deadly type of the disease. With blood vessels rupturing in his urinary tract and high blood pressure and other concerns, this test has become extremely necessary. Elijah's most recent problems have occurred with his teeth. His baby teeth are randomly abscessing and he's already had 4 pulled. He has to have 6 more pulled this week before we leave. The doctor doesn't know why this is happening, and can't guarantee it won't happen to his permanent teeth. This does, unfortunately, point to Vascular EDS. The blood test for this type of EDS is costly and we've had a hard time getting it approved for Elijah. Genetics called a few days ago and said that if it isn't approved by the time we get to Cincinnati, they would go ahead and extract DNA anyway, and test it when the approval comes. First of all, would you please pray that this test is approved? Then will you pray that the doctors will get a clear picture of what is going on? OF COURSE you can pray that he DOES NOT have Vascular EDS. But please also pray for ANSWERS and a clear picture of how to help Elijah.


So we are in for some heavy information and diagnoses this trip. But we will survive it. God is on our side and we have you guys standing in the gap for us. We are so blessed; we are so grateful!


Also would you PLEASE PRAY that we will be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House this time? Since there are only 3 of us going, our chances are greater.


One of our very dear friends has started a ministry called Wonderfully Made. She makes hats for babies in hospitals. Both Cincinnati Children's Hospital and STL Children's Hospital has agreed to accept these precious hats. In an effort to help us with the expenses of our trip, which are great, she has developed this strategy. Would you please read her explanation below and if you able would you consider donating? We would be so grateful. Also, if you are interested, we continue to sell fundraiser t-shirts and books on our website to offset our hospital costs. Thank you so much!


Lygia, for all


Hi, my name is Delynn Culp. Most of us know that the Lovelace family has to travel several times a year to Cincinnati for testing and treatment for their children. My sister and I make children's hats and are sponsoring a Hat Challenge Fund Raiser to help the Lovelace family with those expenses as they travel to Cincinnati Children's hospital Sept. 28 - Oct. 11. The way this works is that you, their family and friends, go to their website, kenlovelaceministries.com, and donate 25.00. This sponsors a hat that will be donated to a child at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.


Love In Him,
Delynn Culp
Wonderfully Made - Psalms 139:13-14




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