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The Little Girl and Her Seed




It was just a small seed. Nothing special. But the girl was determined to plant it. She found a little piece of dirt next to the street.


"Maybe it will grow there," she thought.


With a small grubby finger, she pushed the seed down into the earth and then smoothed the soil over it. Then, as an afterthought, the little girl placed a stick near the spot -- a marker showing where the plant would grow.


That night, while the little girl was asleep, an unexpected storm came. The child wasn't able to go outside the next day, or the next. It was too muddy! Finally, when she ran out into the yard, looking for her stick that marked the spot…it was all gone. Gone! Even the dirt that the little girl had so carefully patted down was a muddy mess.


The rain had washed it all away.


Shoulders slumped, the girl walked away.


"Now my seed will never grow…" she pouted.


When we lived in Lisbon, Portugal, we lived on the 14th floor of an apartment building. Out the front door of the apartment and for miles after, there was only sidewalk and street. Almost no grass could be found! We didn't really mind. We love big cities, noise, and people.


But right in front of our apartment building was a tiny patch of earth.


"Can we plant seeds there, Mom?" the children wanted to know.


"Oh… I don't know. That's not really OUR dirt…"


"Whose is it?" Bracken asked. "All I see is trash…" He walked gingerly through the grass and filth and picked up a few pieces of trash. "Here's a patch of earth," he pointed.


So, the next time we walked by we poked little seeds into the ground. I didn't think anyone would mind, or even notice. We had quite an assortment -- lima beans, sunflower seeds, and pieces of potato.


These things will never grow! I thought to myself. Maybe the kids will just forget about them.


Actually, I forgot about them -- we all forgot! Until almost two months later. I walked by that patch of earth and something caught my eye. Right there, in the midst of all the weeds and the trash and the filth, were bean plants, sunflowers, and potato vines!! The color of the flowers and the healthy green of the plants startled me! The elevator could not move fast enough as I raced to our high rise apartment to get the children. They just had to see the life and the hope, in the midst of a filthy, trashy, hopeless-looking patch of ground.


They just had to see!


We all stood there in amazement, marveling at the growth -- at what God had done -- even in the midst of seeming impossibility.


We've felt despairing recently. Have you?


Some days, when Jonah is in a lot of pain -- or when he spends all day in his wheelchair -- I feel so helpless. I become completely unmotivated. I find myself just staring at nothing, looking to God for answers, but not knowing how to pray.


When Ken goes day after day without employment, he feels discouraged. Sometimes it just seems pointless to even try to find a job.


Brooklyn has good days and bad days -- struggling still with her heart rate and her breathing. It can be such an emotional rollercoaster for her -- for all of us.


Someone is still against us -- trying to now drain our bank account. Someone has stolen Ken's information and is seeking to destroy us. We feel angry, and so weary.


I just don't want to go through this anymore! I don't want all this sickness in our family life, all this uncertainty, all these attacks-these filthy, trashy, hopeless -- looking trials!


During one of my paralyzed moments of sadness this week, God reminded me of that time in Lisbon…that time when we planted beauty into a hopeless plot of ground in that big city. So with that miracle of life on my mind, I went outside on that chilly afternoon, here in St. Louis, and I stuck my fingers into the damp cool earth of our front yard. I even planted a few flower bulbs and an old prickly cactus. I thought of the beauty that would surely come one day from those gnarly old bulbs and the dirt that stained my fingers.


I sat for a moment, in the dirt. I listened to the birds, I felt the wind blowing on my face and I watched the clouds go by. I sat and thought about the God of beauty that brings hope and makes all things new.


Sometimes I feel like that little girl who plants her seed and the storm washes it away. But do you know the rest of her story?


It's true that the little girl thought all was lost. Her seed was gone. There was no hope of growth or beauty now. Time went by. Many months later, the little girl began to notice a small and beautiful, healthy sapling growing down the street, in an abandoned field. Who had planted that?


Then she knew! It was her seed! The rain had washed it away from her grasp, and yet life had taken hold in the most unexpected place! There was her dream -- growing and thriving and standing strong in the most unusual place.


Full of hope and excitement, the little girl ran down the street and stood next to that young tree, fingering its branches. She cried real tears, though she didn't really know why. Something about seeing that tree -- different from what she expected, yet full of life and purpose -- made her cry.


Knowing that God didn't forget her tiny seed -- knowing that God Himself planted purpose in that field-well…it filled her heart with joy.


Life is not always what we imagine, is it? Dreams die and circumstances change.


God may do things differently than you expect, but He never abandons. His plans are full of purpose, full of meaning, full of opportunity.


What is your problem today? What makes you sad? Take heart. God has not forgotten. Your hope is still there. God is bringing forth life and purpose.


He has overcome the world!
I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart!

I have overcome the world.
John 16:33



Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering,
as though something strange were happening to you.
But rejoice
that you participate in the sufferings of Christ so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed.
I Peter 4:12-13



Copyright © 2011. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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