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Inspirational Articles by Lygia Lovelace


by Lygia Lovelace



Would you believe that we are still waiting for our house in Texas to sell? We have lived in St. Louis for almost a year now, and our house situation is bleak. We are still living here, at the Children's Home, as we have been allowed to live here at minimal cost, which is such a blessing to us! But we don't want to be a burden, and we really do want our own house. We want to begin to put down roots here. We want to live in a neighborhood, to have neighbor children to play with, and to hold neighborhood Bible studies. We want a home to call our own -- to remodel, to rearrange -- we keep praying that our house in Texas will sell!


But it just hasn't.


We have our eye on a big blue house not too far from here. It's been for sale for quite some time. To us, it just looks like a "Lovelace house." We keep talking to the Father about it. It appears to have lots of rooms. Every time we pass it, the children say, "There's our house, Mom! It's still for sale…"


But still we keep waiting. I never dreamed that we would still be here, in this borrowed house, even through the summer and into a new school year! As I open boxes and unpack just a little more, I struggle with my attitude in persevering. I really want to pout about this -- to fold my arms and say "Humph!" before the Father!


But more than a blue house, our children just want a dog. Understandably so, we cannot have a dog here, on facility grounds. So, we must wait until we have a house and a yard of our own.


Jonah has especially been sad about this.


"But Mom, I just want to have a dog to play with and to take on walks. It would be so fun! How long is it going to take to get a house of our own?"


That's a very good question, and one I just don't have an answer to. We pray about this daily. We are doing everything we possibly know to do to sell that house.


But ultimately, we must wait on the Lord. Only He can sell it. And He has chosen to wait.


So, we are waiting, too.


Are you waiting on the Lord? Have you been praying about something for days…for weeks…for years? Is there something that you consider to be an urgent request, that God is still holding in His hands? For whatever reason, He is waiting. So you must wait.


In our women's Bible study at church, we have been traveling through the book of Joshua. We decided months ago to embark on this journey with the Israelites, as they moved through the completion of their wilderness time, and into the new land of promise that God had given them. We even chose walking sticks for the journey, determining to go when the Lord said go, and to stay and fight when the Lord said fight.


It has been quite a journey. For us it has been a few months. But for the children of Israel, it took so long! Caleb, for example, was a young man when they started out. By the time he arrived at the land God had given to him and his family -- he was an old man! Grey-haired and bent over, he still proclaimed his joy in the journey, and his faith in God as he stepped up to the task of ridding his land of giants!


Does God's Word describe, in great, glorious detail, how Caleb moved into the land he had been praying for all those years? Is there chapter after chapter describing his last days of joy and fulfillment in the land he finally gained on earth?


No…as a matter of fact there isn't. Caleb's story is mostly about his journey -- the long and arduous hike through the wilderness, the steps of obedience in following God and serving others, the faithfulness of sweating, persevering, and aging in the midst of unfulfilled dreams.


I find that interesting, don't you?


Because I'm beginning to understand that to God, it's not about the fulfillment of our requests-not really. It's about the faith walk. It's about the waiting.


What is my attitude on the journey when nothing is happening? How do I act when my situation, for which I have been praying many months, goes from bad to worse?


Hmmm…do we really have to talk about this?


Let me tell you about Rudy. He lives next door. The children, desperate for a playmate, noticed him several months ago. With our permission, the boys, especially, began talking to Rudy every day. Then, as the weeks passed, they would sit with him in his yard, and look up at the clouds together.


You see, Rudy is a little black dog.


When Rudy's owner went out of town, the boys worried about where Rudy was staying.


"I hope they treat him well."


"Yeah, I'll bet he misses home. He probably wonders if he will get to come back here."


Finally one evening, Jonah knocked on the door where Rudy lives.


"Ma'am, do you need a dog walker?" he asked the lady next door. "I'd be happy to walk Rudy for you every day…"


The lady graciously agreed. I'm not sure who was smiling most -- Jonah or Rudy -- on that first day of dog-walking! They have become fast friends, this boy and dog! Now, whenever we pull into the driveway in our big white van -- no matter what time of day -- if Rudy is outside, he begins barking at Jonah furiously! It's so cute! Rudy won't take his eyes off Jonah for even a moment -- he is begging for his leash and his "boy"!


Rudy has brought much joy to the Lovelace "dog-owners-in-waiting."


Rudy is a blessing to be enjoyed while on the journey.


Have you noticed any "Rudy's" in your life? Finding the blessings while waiting is definitely a choice.


God does want us to enjoy this life, you know! He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. If we sit around "pining after" that which we don't have, our days, months, and then years will turn into a lifetime of unfulfillment and discontent.


So the big blue house will just have to wait.


We're waiting on the Lord.


All these people were still living by faith when they died.
They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance.
And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth.
Instead, they were longing for a better country -- a heavenly one.


Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.
Hebrews 11:13, 16

Copyright © 2010. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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