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Run Like the Wind!
Meg Finds the Fortress -- the Conclusion to Refuge 91
(and yet...it's just the beginning)
by Lygia Lovelace


Meg woke peacefully. How long had she been asleep? Alexander's lunch had made her full, and sleepy. The sun on her back, and the comfort of the blanket Alexander had given her had easily lulled her to sleep.


It looked like early evening.


She looked down at the black Bible she held close to her heart -- her grandmother's Bible. She had been afraid to let it go after Alexander had given it to her.


Alexander…where was he? He sure seemed to have his own way of coming and going…


"Alexander?" Meg called as she sat up. He didn't respond, and she didn't see him anywhere.


Meg looked down and tenderly opened her grandmother's Bible. Oh, the memories! She closed her eyes, as if to see the thoughts unfolding before her…sitting next to her grandmother in church, waking early in the morning, only to find her grandmother bent over this very book…


"Grandma?!" Meg could almost hear her own childish voice as she remembered running to her grandmother's bedside in the middle of the night.


"Grandma, can I sleep with you? I'm scared."


Grandma would smile and pull back the blankets, inviting her in. Always, the black Bible was next to her grandmother's pillow, as if she had gone to sleep reading God's Word. Meg would gently place the Bible under her own pillow.


It had been easy to follow God -- to believe His Word -- around her grandmother. After all, Grandma had believed so deeply!


Now…Meg struggled to believe! Her own life was a mess, and her grandmother was gone. Meg had no one.


Tears came freely as she lay down on the blanket and put her head on her grandmother's Bible. Why did Grandma have to die? Why couldn't she be here now, to stroke Meg's hair, to pray for her…to tell her that everything would be fine?


Meg suddenly felt a raindrop sting her cheek. A storm seemed to be brewing in the Most High dwelling. Dark clouds were moving in…the wind was blowing fiercely. She looked up at a young tree, just above her own tent, struggling as it bent in the wind. What was it Grandma used to say…


If there were no wind, the young tree would not develop strength…


Well she certainly felt like that young tree -- challenged -- bent over with depression. But the winds of life were about to destroy her. She just didn't think she could make it any longer. If her Grandma only knew what her life was like now…


As she felt her spirits sinking, she heard a rustling in the grass. Without warning, a fierce, angry lion sprang from the bushes just in front of her! He would have devoured Meg immediately had she not rolled over, taking her grandmother's Bible with her. She sprang to her feet, only to look behind her and see the lion lunging in her direction!


Her thoughts flew to Alexander…where was her protector!?


That's when she ran like the wind. And she looked ahead of her -- away from her own problems…


As a mirage before her stood a tall fortress -- inviting, protecting, open wide for her escape.


Why had she never seen that before? It was so big, so obvious, so available!


Meg wasn't sure she would make it to the tower. But she had to try! She could feel the hot breath of the lion, warm and threatening against the back of her neck.


She ran with speed she didn't even know she had.


She reached the fortress just in time. How had she made it?! The lion was only just behind her as she slammed the heavy iron door shut and pushed against it.


She burst into tears as both fear escaped her and relief consumed her...


My friend, have you found the tower -- that fortress God provides for you in the wilderness, amidst the dangers of despair and hopelessness? It's there for you, just waiting. So many of us struggle with depression, with worry, with emotion, but few look up, and away, to find the rampart that preserves our joy, and our closeness to the Father.


It took me awhile to find that fortress…though indeed it was right in front me. As I wandered around in the injustices of life, the frequencies of hard times -- I never thought to look up, to ask for help.


But this time, I remembered.


This time, I knew that Satan would seek to devour me. He's right there, waiting to pounce on you -- did you know that? The enemy's mission in your life is to steal your joy…to kill your hope…and to destroy your relationship with the Father of lights.


Your Father.


Just a few days ago -- as the lion was there, threatening to pounce on me, I took my grandmother's Bible from the shelf. I hadn't looked at it in awhile. It's so old, and so well-used, that the pages are brown and withered, and the cover crumbles with just a simple touch.


Memories of my grandmother flooded my mind as I turned page after page of her precious book -- the fortress she ran to during her hard times -- the trials and disappointments of life, the death of her parents, the death of her husband, the death of her son, the coldness of living alone, and then growing too old…


I remembered then, as a child, watching her as for hour upon hour she would bend over this book, magnifying glass in hand, reading -- whispering to herself, the words on these pages.


Her eyes were dim with age, but the strength of her life was as a young tree -- accepting the winds of life, bending, yet thriving.


At the very back of her Bible, scrawled in my grandmother's own hand, I found…


If there were no wind, the young tree would not develop strength.

If there were no danger, there would be no heroism.

If there were no testing, there could be no character.

If there were no enticement to wrong, there would be no virtue in right.

…no one becomes a truly great Christian without great testing…


As Meg climbed the stairs to the tower, grandmother's Bible in hand, she smiled to herself.


Such peace, such strength in this place, she thought to herself.


At the top of the tower, gazing from the window into the world, was Alexander, humming that same favorite hymn of her grandma's. He turned and smiled at her as she discovered him there.


"Have you been here all along?!" she asked, thinking of her narrow escape.


Alexander chuckled to himself, and nodded.


"That was quite an escape! You are learning to run like the wind!"


Meg laughed out loud. She looked around and found a comfortable chair, high in the tower. She sat down peacefully. A storm was raging outside, but there was deep joy inside -- in her heart. And the Word was in her hand.


No, the problems of her life were not solved. But they were no longer hers. Now they belonged to the Father.


In exchange, He gave her the comfort of the Word…the Peace that passes all understanding.


Have you learned to run like the wind? When depression hits -- when worry overcomes -- when the lion -- the enemy -- seeks to devour all that is good in your life…


Grab the Word! Choose the Most High as your dwelling, and find His rest there -- His protection, His fortress…


Give up what hinders you -- the problems, the injustices, the loneliness, the uncertainties…


And run like the wind.



Psalm 91


Copyright © 2010. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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