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Refuge 91 - Part 2
Meg Is Guarded in All Her Ways
by Lygia Lovelace


She had only gone inside of the tent for a moment, but when she came out, he was gone.

And her breakfast feast had been completely cleaned up. She hadn't even heard him leave!

She looked around. Actually, there was no sign that he had even been here.

"Hello?! " Meg called uncertainly. "Mr….uh…Alexander?"

She knew she had not been imagining the old man! Her stomach was full! He had prepared a wonderful breakfast for her, and he had walked around her campsite, as if looking for something. She had felt safe with him, even though she didn't even know him.

But now he was gone.

Oh, well. She shook her head.

That's typical of MY life, she thought. I'm always left alone, eventually.

Meg sighed and looked up into the sky. It was a beautiful day for a walk. What was out here, anyway? She had been so busy yesterday with that tent…

As she walked toward the lake, she couldn't help but think over her circumstances. What was she going to do with her life, now?

Her job was gone. How would she be able to pay her bills?

Her friends were gone. She didn't know how that had happened…they had just drifted away, somehow. She was busy, they were busy…

She felt so all alone. She didn't know where to turn next. She had even wondered, at times, if life was really worth all the struggles it brought. She was tired of the "ups and downs," the loneliness, the emptiness.

She looked up as a shadow crossed over her. The clouds were moving up ahead…what was it her grandmother used to say…it was something about the clouds…

The clouds are God's way of shading you from the intense heat of bad times, yet raining on you, to bring you growth in the storms of life…

What did that really mean, anyway?! And why was she thinking of her grandmother so much, since she had come out here?

Evidently something about this place reminded her of the one who had raised her.

But Grandma had been gone for several years now.

Meg threw a rock into the lake and sighed. That was just more evidence that she was truly all alone.

Deep in thought, Meg did not even see the serpent that came from the waters of the lake. She took off her shoes, intending to wade in the water. As she stepped to the bank, an old wooden spear flew in front of her, slicing the snake in two at her feet!

Meg screamed! She turned around to run, not understanding what had just happened! In her fright, she lost her balance, and would have struck her foot against a sharp stone, but strong hands reached out for her and lifted her up.

Carefully Alexander set her down in the grass, up the hill from the bank of the lake -- far from the writhing serpent that had been cut in two. Meg stared at it in horror, and then she stared up into the face of the old man. She was speechless! He was so feeble-looking…how had he lifted her?

Where did his strength come from?!

She watched in disbelief as the old man grabbed the two halves of the serpent with his bare hands and tossed them into the water. Glancing back at her, he then walked the perimeter of the lake, staring intently into its waters.

Seemingly satisfied, Alexander came back to join Meg in the grass. As he approached her, she could hear him humming that familiar tune again. What was that song…?! He sat down lazily and smiled at her.

"You all right?" he asked.

"What…how…I mean, where were you? How did you know about that snake?"

"Well…like I said earlier, ma'am, you're at Refuge 91…you chose the Most High as your dwelling. Protection is just one of the amenities!"

Meg stared at Alexander, not understanding. Then she just shook her head and stuck out her hand.

"Well…thank you, for…that. We might as well get fully acquainted. You don't have to call me ma'am any longer. My name is Meg."

"Pleased to meet you Meg. I must say, you do favor your grandma. Got your name from her, too, didn't you…Megan Elizabeth? Sweet lady, your grandma…"

Meg stared at him. This was just too weird. She had a small urge to get up and run away, but she knew she couldn't. Her eyes filled with tears. She couldn't stop them from flowing down her cheeks.

Alexander sat patiently staring at the water, while Meg cried.

Finally she found her voice.

"You knew my Grandma? How could you have known her?"

Alexander handed Meg an old handkerchief.

"She was a regular here at Refuge 91. She chose the Most High as her dwelling all the time while she was on earth. You miss her, don't you?"

Though Meg barely knew him, she trusted Alexander. The words came freely.

"Miss her?! She was all I had! Now I have no one!! No one!!! I'm all alone. I've lost my job. I can't pay my bills. My friends are too busy to bother with me…what good is this life? I have no desire to go on! There's nothing worth living for anymore."

Self-pity and depression washed over her and filled her spirit. She felt the heaviness of despair.

She looked up and noticed Alexander was gone! What…? Did he leave her too?

At that moment a wild roar split the silence of the morning. Meg jumped with shock and horror! She looked in the direction of the sound…she saw Alexander! He was standing between her and…what was that?! If she didn't know better, she would say there was a lion standing at the edge of the woods!? But that was impossible! The lion was staring intently at Alexander, roaring angrily!

Alexander was standing bravely still, old wooden spear in hand, daring the lion to come forth.

Meg covered a scream. She crept down into the grass and waited.

Slowly, the lion turned around, and walked back into the woods.

When the lion was gone, Meg ran to her tent. Throwing things in her suitcase, she didn't even bother to roll up the sleeping bag. She was leaving!

She nearly bumped right into Alexander as she burst out of her tent. She stared at him angrily.

"Is lion taming one of the amenities around here?"

Alexander chuckled to himself.

"You really want to know?"

She called back to him angrily as she turned to leave…

"Oh I already know! You don't have to tell me! I'm at Refuge 91! I chose the Most High as my dwelling and the Boss -- whoever He is -- is protecting m…"

Suddenly she stopped. Wait a minute…

She set down her suitcase and turned around to face the old man.

"Alexander, who are you, really?!"

He gazed at her.

"Meg, I'm no one. I'm just the Boss's servant. He loves you. He knew your Grandma well, and He knows you, too -- Meg -- you've just forgotten. He brought you here, but the rest is up to you. He wanted me to give you this…"

Alexander pulled an old black book from His pocket. Meg knew it instantly. She took it and fell to her knees in disbelief.

It was her Grandma's Bible! Where had he found it?? She had looked and looked for this after her grandmother died!

She held it to her heart, and she cried. Silently, Alexander took her suitcase back into the tent. He lit the fire for her lunch.

He spread the blanket for her to cry on.

Are you depressed? Do life's hurts threaten to consume you?

Have you ever been to Refuge 91? Do you need to go there? It's ok…life hurts sometimes. Sorrows can overwhelm you; relationships can be painful. Sometimes loss seems unbearable.

Stay awhile. The Father is there. Seek Him. Pray…read His Word. Tell Him how you feel.

Oh how He cares for you.

If you make the Most High your dwelling -- even the Lord who is my refuge --
then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
Psalm 91



Meg's problems are common…but the solution is not so commonly found. Let her show you the way to the fortress that is just over the hill. She hasn't found it yet…it's awaiting you both.


Copyright © 2010. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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