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May 17
by Lygia Lovelace


Dear Friends,


I just wanted to let you know that we are still in St. Louis; we will not be leaving until tomorrow (Sunday, May 18). Because of Elijah's precarious blood pressure and health issues right now, Cincinnati Children's wanted to postpone the endoscopy until AFTER Elijah sees the cardiologist on Wednesday. So, we get to worship with our church family tomorrow morning (YES!) before we leave town. That is truly a blessing. What a way to start off our trip!


The other side to this story is that the endoscopy is now tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 27 (the day after Memorial Day), which means that Elijah and I will probably have to stay an extra few days. I will keep you updated on all of this through our prayer team letters, as the week progresses.


If you have not already signed up to be on our prayer team, and you are willing to pray for us as we spend these next days in Cincinnati, please let us know! We value you prayer support -- it's what we need the most! Contact us and we will add your email address to the group.


Thanks again for your prayers and concern. We truly love you all.


For this God is our God forever and ever;
He will be our Guide,
even to the end!
Psalm 48:14





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