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A Word of Testimony
June 2014
by Lygia, Chase, Grayson, & Jonah Lovelace



Last week, I gave Chase, Grayson, and Jonah a special assignment for school. I asked them, "How has God rescued you?" I told them to write a testimony of what God has done in their lives. Here are these testimonies--they all agreed to share them with you.


Though they wrote these testimonies separately, and haven't even yet read each others' testimonies, you will notice some similarities. They have expressed private struggles and victories as well as familial ones.


...And now I ask you, "How has God rescued you?" After all, we each have a story to tell. Not only can your story be a blessing to others, but there is healing and wisdom gained in writing out your own victory experience, given to you by God alone.


Write your story!


Love you all,




Chase's Testimony (Age 17)


God has been there through all hardships & trials throughout my life & is continuing to be there for me always. He has rescued me time & time again. I have been through many things and I know that God is always with me. When I was young He brought me through a time when I couldn't speak after seeing monsters & demons. I also saw angels protecting me. (I now talk all the time.)


When we were in Texas God protected us all the time from going hungry & such. Sometimes we didn't have enough food for a meal. We knew we were in God's hands though. In times like these we would hear a knock on the door or something and there'd be food for the next day. We never went hungry then or now. When we moved to St. Louis God kept us together and gave us joy when we needed it most--when we missed Texas and when we felt unwanted or unneeded. We went through a rough break up with a church in St. Louis, but God protected us even then. We blossomed into a new, bright church. I hope we are always doing God's will, which is to love and help one another and to shine for Him as much as possible. God has protected us as well. We haven't always had the money to pay our bills or rent and we haven't always had enough to get by, but we still never have gone hungry or lost sight of Who was in charge of it all.


We've had plenty of hardships throughout our lives. A few years ago we found out that we (the biological kids) all have a very rare genetic disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, otherwise known as EDS. This has been a big trial to us all. It's been hard for me because it knocked me out of gymnastics for good & much of circus, and it almost limits my guitar playing (Thank God it doesn't though). This has been a big struggle for us but still God is on top of things. I have been able to keep my head on and praise Him by songwriting and creating music. This has helped me get my mind off of my troubles & think about a story or art and beauty. For all of us it's different. We all have different symptoms with this disease and different problems. God has also given us different distractions and gifts and talents to help us.


The Lord has been our Light, Path, & Shepherd throughout all of this. He has taken care of us and encouraged us when we had no fire. He has given us joy through the hardest times and has brought us through everything with a bounce in our steps. He has given us all we need and many wants as well. I have a wonderful family, guitars, tech, & even a running car! God has been very good to me and I know it's just getting started.




Grayson's Testimony (Age 16)



I guess one good way to sum up my life, would be to say that I'm a rescue.


God has been rescuing me since the beginning of my life. After two years in an orphanage in Romania, God rescued me from a life of poverty, hardship, and a lifetime without knowing His love. I'm pretty sure I would not have gotten the chance to know Him if He had not brought me to America. Now, I am a part of a wonderful family in America, more blessed than I can describe. In that one move of adoption, I see that God rescued me from way more than a hard life in Romania. He rescued me from a hard life in America. When I say "hard life" I mean the kind of hard life that happens when you know nothing of God's love for you. For one thing, He picked the perfect family for me. I could have been adopted by anyone at all. It could have been a family whose parents didn't know God or teach their children about Him. I could have grown up in a very secular environment, starting with the drama of the rapidly sinking public school situations, leading to the sick and messed up life that I see in so many other people today.


Instead, He gave me a family who raised me in the teaching of the Bible and of His love, although it didn't have any real meaning for me personally until the age of 12. This was the ultimate rescue. God showed me my need for Him to rescue me from a life of sin that would eventually drag me down to hell. Even now, if I am not walking close by His side each day and I go off to "do my own thing" -- down inside I'm miserable because I know I have separated myself from Him. It's like living in my own hell. Imagine an eternity like that! I am forever grateful and thankful to God for rescuing me from that! Anyways, I'm a slow learner, so it took a while, but God has been changing me and still is changing me so that I'll look just like Him when I get to heaven. (That's how much of a slow learner I am. It's literally going to take a lifetime to get it right)!


Recently, (as in a few years ago) we were a part of a church in north St. Louis. Dad had been asked to be their pastor. They needed a pastor and we were available to help them out, so we became a part of their church. Everything seemed pretty normal, but things soon got pretty bad. Long story short: before two years were up, we had no longer become accepted there. They made sure we knew that, too. It was a big ugly mess, but God rescued our family from that situation. He allowed us to leave that church and so we did. We were also moving houses and in the middle of all that, Dad didn't have a job. But God took good care of us. He also helped us to start a brand new church. No church is easy to start and there have definitely been challenges, but God has blessed us.


Even more recent are the health problems our family is going through, resulting in a number of ER trips and a larger number of doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions. In addition to the regular stuff, Mom and the bionicles have to make week-long (and sometime two-week-long) trips to the hospital in Cincinnati. These are stressful times for everyone. Those who go to Cincinnati have countless appointments in countless divisions of the hospital. Those who stay at home (like me) have to manage the house and watch little siblings. Like I said: stressful. The most recent trip lasted about a week and a half. Mom, Brooklyn, Chase, Jonah, and Elijah all went to Cincinnati together. More people means more to do. As for me at home, with Dad at work most of the day and no other older people around (for some of the time-sometimes our church family did come and help me), it was harder than usual. I didn't always handle it right. I lost my temper and my patience too many times.


I think that God uses these times to shape me to look more like him. These times are hard, but they would be way harder if God wasn't right there with us. There have been about four or five Cincinnati trips so far, and each time I learn a little better. God seems to like using repetition when He teaches me! Although it may have been tough, the blessings that came with it were many more.


These are just highlights of what God has done in my life. He has rescued me from the bad situations I've been in and He's rescued me from bad situations I could've been in. In every difficult time, He's been right here next to me. And through it all, He's sprinkled blessing after blessing until my life is overflowing with them.


I guess one good way to sum up my life, would be to say that I'm a rescue.




Jonah's Testimony (Age 13)


In 2001 I was born in Dallas, TX. But there was something wrong with me. One lung was completely collapsed and the other had a hole in it. After lots and lots of prayer from friends and family, I was healed, even though I had been given only a 50/50 % chance of living!


Then when I was six I made a life changing decision (literally life changing) to give my heart to Jesus. My dad and I went into his office and he helped me pray. I was baptized in a little hot tub in a friend's backyard. :) It was awesome!


We had several rough years due to the lack of available jobs in the Dallas area. But God always provided a meal and clothes for us. We will never forget that.


When I was 8 years old, God called my dad to be a pastor of a church in Missouri. Even though I didn't want to go I understood that we had to. It was the least we could do for God after He had done so much for us. The first 2 years here in St. Louis were ok. Then things got hard. Sometimes it's REALLY hard to be a pastor and his family…and we just didn't fit in there. They didn't like us at all. We were forced out of the church and the house we were renting from them. But God provided us a house to rent in Affton (a different part of St. Louis). He always provides! Now we have a new church family: Amazing Love Community Church. They love us a lot. And they are really amazing!


When I was 10 years old I started breaking bones. I broke 12 bones in two years. We went to doctor after doctor, and they didn't know what was wrong with me. Finally we were sent to Shriners. They diagnosed me with a joint disease called EDS and a bone disease called OI. EDS gives me lots and lots of pain. Once in my knees I had so much pain for 10 months I couldn't walk. God healed me from that too! I am NO LONGER in a wheelchair. And I love to walk!


So this is pretty much my life and my testimony. Already I have seen God do miracles and He has never let us down. And I am just 13, so I have a lot more years to see God work.




As we seek to let God write His story on our hearts,
we encourage you to do the same.


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