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Free Indeed!
Part 5 to The Crying Room, The Bitterness Room, The Anger Room, and The Way Out



Emma couldn't believe how brightly the sun was shining -- and she was exhausted!

She felt like she'd run a marathon, or fought a great battle. She felt like a victory had been won.

As indeed it had…

"You did it, Emma! You found The Way Out! I'm sooo proud of you -- I knew you could do it…I knew it all along!"

Emma stared at Joy.

"You knew I would be here?!" she asked.

Joy smiled and hugged Emma close.

"I knew…because I know how the well-dressed man operates…I knew because you remind me so much of ME."

"Oh, no…YOU would never end up in a place like this. You're so…well…Joy-like. Besides, Joy, you must admit -- you have the perfect life. You have no issues, no problems."

"Of course I do…or I did. They are in the Father's hands now. He has freed me to be Joy…I haven't always been like this, you know.

"But…but…your life…it's so peaceful! So complete! You have a wonderful husband who loves you, who's still alive -- your children walk with God…"

"You are right, Emma, God has blessed me with a wonderful husband. My children are learning to walk with the Father…we have our ups and downs…but…is that your idea of completeness, peace, and joy? "

Emma stared at Joy, not understanding.

"What I'm saying is…can you not be complete unless you have these things yourself, right now? Emma, your children, too, are learning to walk with the Father. I see great progress in all 3 of them! You have given them a great gift by bringing them to church-leading them to pursue the things of God. You are doing your task well…their salvation is in God's hands…you must trust Him."

Joy continued.

"I so admire your relationship with your parents. Oh, how I have always wanted Godly parents, Emma. And Godly grandparents for my children…I never had that. You are truly blessed. And…I wish I could draw like you do. God has given you such a gift as an artist. You are able to put all of your feelings into your work…how do you do it? It is truly a gift. I can't even draw a simple picture…and your children! They have your same gift in artistry! I've seen it in all 3 of them!"

Emma had stopped walking and stood listening. Tears began to trickle down her cheeks. Tears of Joy's revelation. "Emma, your family is so blessed by God. He is at work! Your prayers have been so sincere, and even though John was killed, I know that God was working in his life, and you must trust the Father!"

Emma couldn't speak. She had never thought of herself as blessed. She had never seen herself through Joy's eyes.
"Now, my dear friend, we must get those chains off of you. They will hinder your walk, you know. It's time to be truly free."

Emma looked down at her feet, not understanding. She gasped! She had never seen those chains before! Both of her ankles were laden down with the biggest, ugliest, strongest-looking chains she had ever seen!

So this was causing the heaviness in her step?! She had no idea! But it was all starting to make sense…

"How….? I mean, where…WHO put these chains on me?"

Joy bent down, pulling on Emma's chains while she talked.

"The well-dressed man did this…oh, he does this to all of us, Emma. In fact, we even help him put on our own chains. Yes, these are strong. He's done quite a job here…"

Emma shook her head, not believing. "But, I didn't help him do this…I didn't even know…"

Joy looked up and smiled.

"Oh, honey, listen. Do you remember giving in to those feelings? That sadness…the bitterness and anger? The well-dressed man is our enemy! He directs us to those rooms of darkness. As we embrace the emotions he sends our way, we are securing these chains on ourselves, more and more. The enemy hands us the chains…but he does not turn the key. We do that."

Joy dropped the chains she had been pulling on -- Emma's chains. She looked up. Her eyes were serious. Her purpose was sure.

"Emma, I cannot free you. You must do this. You must give these chains to the Father, once and for all. They are still connected, don't you see?"

Emma looked back. Horrified, she realized that the other end of her imprisonment went back into the darkness.

Joy began to walk away.

"Joy! Wait! I don't know how to do this!!! Help me be free!"

Joy looked back, with love in her eyes.

"This is your journey, Emma. I can't free you…only Jesus can do that. Continue in your walk…He will direct you. But I will not go far…."

Joy, squinting in the sunlight, smiled at Emma.

"Go on! Seek the Father now…I will be waiting."

Emma was uncertain of the Way. So, she just began walking, feeling the heaviness with each step.

As she continued her walk, keeping her mind on Him, she began to feel the closeness of the Father. Could she reach out and touch Him? Surely she could speak to Him…

Father…do you see these chains?

Tears began to stream down Emma's face, yet again.

Father, I want to be free! I'm beginning to understand now! It's me! I'm putting these chains on, whenever I am sad, whenever I feel lonely or whenever I look at others…my friends…who have their husbands…whenever I compare myself… I've been listening to that awful well-dressed man! This is hindering my walk with You. Forgive me. I'm sorry!

I don't understand why these bad things have happened in my life! I don't understand why John had to die -- and it's hard parenting these teen-agers! I don't always like it!

But I see now. You've been there to help me, to pick me up. You have had a plan all along, I just refused to look…

Help me to embrace Your plan. It is the best way! In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I choose Your Way!! I want to be free!

…not just free for a moment…but free INDEED!

Suddenly she had the urge to run. Smiling to herself, she took off, at breakneck speed, dodging branches and entanglements along the way.

She looked down at her feet and gasped out loud! The chains were gone!

Now she was at peace…full of completeness!

She kept running, but she turned and looked quickly behind her. Joy was catching up to her! She couldn't keep the laughter inside…Emma was finally free!

Do you need Emma's Joy in your own life? Oh, how easy it is to be weighed down by our own chains -- chains of grief, chains of bitterness, of anger, and even of guilt.

God the Father desires so much more for you, my friend.

You see, SALVATION is the key to freedom for the unbeliever…

ABIDING is the key to freedom for the believer…


Refuse to wear those chains any longer.

Be free, indeed!


Jesus answered them, "Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin.
And a slave does not abide in the house forever,
but a son abides forever.
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

John 8:34-36







Copyright © 2011. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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