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How's Your Face?
More Beauty Tips from the Heart



Someone once said that we are responsible for our own faces after 40. Do you believe it? Could it be that the permanent wrinkles and lines are there as a result of the expressions we have chosen to wear throughout our aging years?


What are you communicating to others when they really look at you?


Are you beautiful, inside and out?


Corey really wants to be beautiful. That's why she's been so hard on herself all these years. Some might think that her mirror is her best friend, but in reality, it has always been her worst enemy. After all, Corey's mirror is not a true reflection of who God intends her to be. Mirrors only reveal outer shells…but for Corey, as she gazes at herself and sees unwanted changes and wrinkles gradually forming, she despises the reflection glaring back at her. It's all she sees. No vision. No hope. No peace.


You see, jealousy has been Corey's companion throughout her lifetime. Jealousy and comparison. She never measures up -- at least that's what she has come to believe all these years. Others have better lives, better bodies, better husbands, better children, better careers, better opportunities…


When others succeed, she can't rejoice with them! Her conversations always revolve around herself. She doesn't want to hear what others have to contribute -- it might somehow be better! So, if you are attractive or successful or even at peace with your own life, then Corey will avoid you. You're no friend of hers.


When those near Corey look at her, they notice a deep sadness that seeps from the depths of Corey's heart and through her eyes. Though her face is pretty to look at, alas, her expression is far from beautiful. It's tainted. Why? Because beauty never satisfies. It leaves one empty -- desperate to maintain -- yet with the sinking feeling that beauty won't last…


Sigh. If she would only learn to find her identity in Christ...


The same could be said about Lorraine.


Lorraine is pretty enough, but when she is around, no one enjoys her company! Lorraine is a complainer. Nothing goes right around Lorraine, and it's possible that she's never enjoyed life. She's either too hot, or too cold, or too busy, or too bored.


At church, she's impossible! She doesn't like the pastor, or the music, or the Sunday night schedule. People wonder why she even bothers coming to church. It obviously doesn't make her happy. The pastor has learned never to ask Lorraine how she's doing, and you can almost see his blood pressure rising when Lorraine begins to talk. He prepares himself for the worst of criticism.


All because Lorraine is a complainer.


The truth is, it doesn't matter what Lorraine looks like, or what effect Lorraine's complaining has had on her face…no one can stand to look at her. Her face is identified with unpleasantries -- complaining, criticism, even nastiness. So, instantly, she is ugly in the hearts of many. She is repulsive because she herself is repulsed by her own circumstances and by others and she repeatedly spews her complaints upon whatever poor soul happens to be standing there.


So others see her face and go the other way.


Is there hope for Lorraine? There is always hope.


First of all, salvation might be on the menu for Lorraine. One might wonder if she truly knows Jesus as her Savior. After all, how can she complain if she's been bought with the blood of Jesus? Is there anything better than living with the Lord? Complaining and a critical spirit fly quickly away when Christ enters in. All is changed. A new heart is given -- a new outlook on life!


Perhaps Lorraine is lost. Perhaps she needs Jesus.


But what if she's saved already? How can Lorraine be a believer and a complainer at the same time? Oh, it happens. Remember Jonah? A great prophet of God, a great speaker, Jonah was chosen for one of the greatest missions of all -- proclaiming God's deliverance before the Ninevites. Oh they were a godless people! Jonah was repulsed at the thought of them! They worshipped false gods, and they did heartless and cruel deeds, like skinning their captives alive and hanging them on the city wall!


Why would God love such a people as this?


Jonah, though he knew God, though he spoke for God, though he was chosen by God, became a complainer. He didn't want to go to the Ninevites. Let them die, he thought! They deserve the worst! They should get what's coming to them!


But God had other plans. So Jonah ran.


Perhaps Lorraine is running. She knows God, she has been chosen by God, but she is running the other way. This makes Lorraine a very unhappy person on the inside. An unhappy heart spews unhappiness. Lorraine just has nothing else to give.


But there's hope for Lorraine. Newness. Revival in her soul. Introspection. Much time in the Word. Reflecting on God's goodness will cause her to reflect it herself!


There's always hope.


Donna would testify to that! She's discovered where true beauty lies. She is the most beautiful of women! It's not really her features. It's more the joy that permeates all she does. There's an inner peace, a stability, a common pastel thread that runs through all she does. Her actions and reactions are one of grace and joy, no matter what the circumstance! She is consistent; she brings security to any situation.


She is truly His.


You see, she learned long ago where the source of youth and beauty lie. It's not in the eye of just any beholder! Not at all! Beauty dwells in the eye of the Creator, and with those who gaze at Him continuously.


Long ago Donna exchanged her self-help books and self-preservation techniques for the one true Book that would answer all of her questions and solve all of her problems. In this Book she discovered so much beauty, so much life, that she just couldn't put it down! She devoured its contents. Then she couldn't rest until she met the Author.


And He was the One who pointed the way to the fountain of youth…to life everlasting…too all things good.


There's no doubt about it. Donna is beautiful. It's not that she's problem-free…but any problem that threatens to darken her countenance she takes to the Father. She leaves it with Him. And beauty shines.


She has discovered the beauty secret that so many have longed for. She has chosen peace, joy, and contentment. She has chosen to live for Christ.


There is only softness behind her eyes. Bad circumstances and difficult people don't add wrinkles and grey hair, after all. That comes with time -- it is a crown of glory! She is truly blessed, and truly beautiful, even at 82 years.


So how's your face?

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.
Proverbs 16:31


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
II Corinthians 5:17




Copyright © 2011. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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