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How's Your Face?
Beauty Tips from the Heart


Do you know that you're responsible for your own face after 40? At least that's what I've heard. The wrinkles and lines continue to form based on the expressions that you have most commonly shown on your face throughout your lifetime. Does that scare you?


How's your face? Does it scare others?


As beauty and youth fade, which inevitably it does, some believe the countenance is replaced with life experiences...with the sadness and joy felt throughout a lifetime…with the pain and scars…the angers, the hurts, the trials…and the accomplishments. With the weathering and wuthering of life, the face actually tells a life's story.


That's what makes Helen so scary to look at.


You see long ago, Helen was wronged. It was a very personal wrong, and very painful. True, Helen had every right to be angry and wounded. It's just that she never got over it. Unforgiveness and ugliness became the assemblage that formed her countenance forever. There was no fake mask on her…her sculptured face was real, hard, and unusable to the Father.


Sadly, you don't have to spend much time with Helen to know there's some underlying baggage between the wrinkles in her 60-something face. She's got business to do with God and doesn't even know it. She's spent a lifetime blaming "the other fella" when in reality, if she would just forgive and let go…well, then, she could forget.


Then perhaps all would be well. Maybe her face would even improve.


And then there's Kathy. For many years, she's been a "quick change" artist. She learned this skill as a young child. It has proven quite effective over the years.


You see, Kathy is a manipulator. As long as those around her obey her standards, she is sweet and loveable! Charming, really! But when she is crossed…when others disagree with her, or even disobey her smallest demand…watch out! Her adorable, smiling countenance shatters like fine china in careless hands. Grotesque, biting words drip from the same tongue that oozed syrupy comments only moments before.


Though Kathy's true self has been carefully hidden for many years in that cabinet of fine china, as time has gone by, it's become harder and harder to hide her true nature. Her sweet countenance -- the fake side -- has begun chipping and cracking. More and more, as life has dealt some hard blows, the sweet and even light-hearted side of Kathy has begun to fade. Evil shadows have crept in under her eyes and her mouth has a slight snarl forming at the corners of her lips. Age is moving in. Age tells all.


So what is Kathy's solution? Can years of manipulation and pride be torn away to produce a genuine sweetness and humility? Only with God's help. Laying down one's strongest demands for God's perfect will is a daily and difficult process. A constant chipping away of pride and selfishness is painful -- even horrible at times. But if Kathy is truly willing, her Savior is truly ready.


Will her face improve? Yes…with time. As she learns to relax the face of her demands, her countenance will be softer, more palatable -- more like the fine china that she really, truly wants to be.


There's hope…even for Jeanette, who just can't keep friends for very long. Her outlook on life is always half-empty, and never half-full. Expecting disaster around every corner, she is rarely disappointed as life deals blow after blow. When she meets a new friend, she smothers them with attention, and then as she gets to know them better, she gets to work convincing them that life is never fair, people always have an ulterior motive, and joy is highly over-rated.


She walks slowly, since she walks with the heaviness of the world, and she has the most wrinkles of anyone else her age. Gravity is not just a force of nature for Jeanette…it's a way of life. And she pulls others down with her.


Joy is what's needed in Jeanette's life -- joy, light-heartedness, trust, and courage. But Jeanette must choose this way of life. It is her decision.


Do you know these women?


Have you ever been one of these?


There are many more women that we will meet over the coming weeks -- women whose faces are a testimony of the lives they've lived.
omen who have something to teach us, if we're observant enough.


What expression are you wearing? Are you wearing the joy of Jesus' love? The truth of His Word? The abundant living that He has so freely promised?


How's your face?


A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.
Proverbs 15:13



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