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Drinking the Dew
(from the Sheep Tales Series)
by Lygia Lovelace


My favorite time of day is early morning. I love watching the sun come up as I read my Bible. Getting up while it is still dark, I open the blinds to the window beside my "meeting place." The Father is already there, ready and waiting for our time together. The birds are already there, too, outside the window, already feeding on the seed we have set out for them in our milk jug feeders.


And in this early morning, it is also my time to feed, and to drink from the Living Water. God has His message for the day, set out for me, ready to be devoured.


As I read and pray, the sun starts to rise. I am ready for a new day. (Wasn't it just the night before when I was so exhausted that I didn't even want to think about another day?)


But after drinking the dew, I'm ready.


Now, it is the children's time. All is quiet in the house. As I go to wake them, I know it's hard for them to get up. After all, it is still mostly dark. It's cold in the early morning. I know their beds are warm. In order to wake them, sometimes I have to pull their blankets completely off of them just to get them out of bed…


…but it's important for them to drink the dew, like me. I want to teach them to drink the dew.


There's just not a better way to start the day.


Did you know that early morning is the best time for a sheep to feed? As you may remember, I have been studying and pondering the habits, personalities, and tending of sheep over these past weeks. There are so many similarities to the believer in Christ!


Know that the Lord is God.
It is He who made us, and we are His: we are His people,
the sheep of His pasture.

Psalm 100


I just want to be a sheep.


If the shepherd releases the sheep to pasture very early in the morning then there is dew on the grass, ready and waiting for the sheep's attention. Not only do the sheep get their fill of the lush green fields, but they get water in plenty to quench their thirst. The dew is a special treat for the sheep. It is their favorite time of day to feed!


Oh, other times of day can be sufficient -- the fields are still there, the pastures are plentiful with nourishment, but there's just nothing like the early morning to refresh and satisfy.


A few years ago, a preteen girl started coming to our home Bible study. She listened with interest to the Bible stories and discussions we had. She didn't contribute much to the conversation, but I knew she was paying attention. She began to ask for the "take-home Bible studies," and it wasn't long before her mother showed up at our door, wanting to discuss her daughter's new habit.


"She's so hungry -- that's the only way I know how to describe it! She's hungry for the Word of God. At night before she goes to bed, I see her with her Bible in hand, sitting at her desk, reading. In the early morning, she is up before school, looking into the Word."


"She shames me so! I used to care…I used to read my Bible. I don't know what happened -- I got busy, I've been just…worn out by the demands on my life… You know, my husband doesn't go to church or read his Bible, so I just stopped reading mine."


"But I want to be like my daughter. I want to be hungry for the Word! I've decided I'm going to read my Bible more!"


Drinking the dew.


The story is told of a missionary who preached the Gospel through an interpreter in another country. In one village an old native man with poor eyesight hobbled up to the missionary, begging to see his Book. Puzzled, the man of God handed the old man his Bible, knowing it wasn't in the language of these people. The man thumbed through the Word, looking upon each page he turned. Then, carefully, he pulled out of his clothing 2 worn pages from a Book -- yellowed with age, and in faded print. The pages were torn and ragged from constant use. The old man handed these pages to the missionary.


The missionary recognized the pages right away! Though he couldn't read them, he knew that they were pages from the Bible -- in the language of the people he was currently serving.


"Many years ago, these pages were found containing the Words you spoke about today," the old man told the interpreter. He motioned for the interpreter to tell the missionary what he was saying.


"My people have studied these two pages. We have memorized them, and we try to live by them, because we recognize these Words as something true, something real."


With tears flowing down his dark and wrinkled skin, he looked into the missionary's eyes.


"I have walked many miles to see if your Book is the same as my pages. It is! Finally I have found the Book! Do you have the rest of this Book in our language? Oh, how I have prayed to read the rest of this Story! Oh, how I want to teach my people the Words of this God before I die."


Thankfully, the missionary did have what the old man desperately wanted! The man took the Book joyfully, knowing it was a treasure worth more than gold! Immediately he turned to go back to his village. Perhaps he could get there by morning! Perhaps his people could drink the dew with the early light of day! Finally, he could give his people what they really needed.


The Word of God.


As I walk into the Bible class full of teens each week, I pray for wisdom, and perseverance. Discouragement threatens to overtake me. How do I communicate the importance of this Word? Most of these young people are there only because they've been brought. I know that. I see the boredom on their faces. Their assignments are not done. They don't know what they're missing…


Because what they hold in their hands is a treasure! A lifetime of miles have been traversed to find this Book! Wars have been fought over the message that their Books contain! Lives have been given for the Truth of this Word! Prisoners and people from foreign lands have yearned for the very Words that these youth scorn and neglect, and just don't care about.


Oh, precious youth, do you really know Him, the Author of this Book? Oh, dear parents, are you committed to leading your children to drink the dew every morning? Is it more important to you than sleep, school obligations, or entertainment? The Word of God contains the nourishment that we need! It has the answers to life that your young ones, your lambs, will hunger for throughout their lives here on earth. We must teach them to look for those answers in the right place! It is crucial, vital, that they feed on His Word and His Way. His is the only Way.


Yes, it is a discipline for the shepherd to awaken. It is not easy to get up before the early morning light and lead the sheep to pasture. We will talk more about this next time, as we learn the truth of "mothering-up" the sheep.


But if you drink the dew then you will know.


Drink the dew.


O God!
You are my God, early will I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land,
where there is no water.

Psalm 63




Copyright © 2010. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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