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Inspirational Articles by Lygia Lovelace


Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Daily Updates: May 16-28

by Lygia Lovelace



Cincinnati - Pre-trip Update (Saturday, May 16)


Dear Friends,


I just wanted to let you know that we are still in St. Louis; we will not be leaving until tomorrow (Sunday, May 18). Because of Elijah's precarious blood pressure and health issues right now, Cincinnati Children's wanted to postpone the endoscopy until AFTER Elijah sees the cardiologist on Wednesday. So, we get to worship with our church family tomorrow morning (YES!) before we leave town. That is truly a blessing. What a way to start off our trip!


The other side to this story is that the endoscopy is now tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 27 (the day after Memorial Day), which means that Elijah and I will probably have to stay an extra few days. I will keep you updated on all of this through our prayer team letters, as the week progresses.


If you have not already signed up to be on our prayer team, and you are willing to pray for us as we spend these next days in Cincinnati, please let us know! We value you prayer support -- it's what we need the most! Contact us and we will add your email address to the group.


Thanks again for your prayers and concern. We truly love you all.


For this God is our God forever and ever;
He will be our Guide,
even to the end!
Psalm 48:14



Cincinnati - Day 1 - Travel (Sunday, May 18)


Dear Prayer Warriors:


Thank you so much for committing to pray for us during these difficult days. Lygia left around 2:30 with Brooklyn, Chase, Jonah, and Elijah and arrived in Cincinnati around 1130pm.


They'll have the first of many doctor's visits first thing in the morning. Please pray for safe travels, wisdom for the doctors, and God's provision. I'll keep you updated each day.


God's blessings on you,
Dr. Ken Lovelace





Cincinnati - Day 2 - Busy Day (Monday, May 19)


Dear Prayer Team:


Here's today's update from Lygia:


Hello everyone! I love the shirt that Elijah is wearing (see below). It's a good one for us! Even in our weakness, we will NEVER STOP praising the name of Jesus! We will NEVER STOP persevering through the trials. We will NEVER stop telling of the goodness of the Lord.

We have heard from many of you, assuring us of your prayers. Thank you so much! We wouldn't even want to try to do this without your support.

Today was an exhausting day, but it was a good day. Brooklyn had a physical therapy evaluation this morning. Definitely she will be planning hip surgery some time this summer. According to the geneticist, this is a common surgery among EDS patients and it is a fairly successful one.

We met with the geneticist from noon until after 5pm! The boys were able to participate in a research study, which involves the affect EDS has on boys going through puberty. They answered tons of questions about the disease and how it affects them in their daily life. Then, the geneticist met with each bionicle individually, discussing problems, questions, and options for treatment. By about 4:00, my brain started hurting. Thinking can be painful! lol We are so thankful for these doctors who know so much.

Tomorrow we have another full day. From 9am until noon, each bionicle has an occupational therapy evaluation to talk about hand and arm strengthening, tremors, etc. The therapist will work on a splint for Chase that will help with his guitar playing. Tomorrow afternoon, both Jonah and Elijah have GI appointments.


1. Please pray that we will continue to be a witness for Christ.
2. Please pray for Ken & the kids while we are gone. This is hard and stressful for them. We are so thankful for those who are able to help with childcare this week.
3. Please pray that Elijah will be cleared for the endoscopy next week, and that we can find a solution to his and Jonah's GI problems.
4. Please pray that the bionicles will keep smiling (and me too)! Pray for encouragement and JOY this week.
5. Please pray that if it is God's will, we will get into the Ronald McDonald House this week.

Again, THANK YOU so much for agreeing to walk through this journey with us. We love you all.





Cincinnati - Day 3 - Not A Fun Day (Tuesday, May 20)


Dear Prayer Warriors:


Thanks for praying for us. Sorry this is so late, just got home from work. Please see Lygia's update below:


Hello everyone. I can't tell you how much we have needed you today. Thank you so much for praying!


Today was not fun. We spent all morning in occupational therapy. They worked with Elijah on his right shoulder--it has been popping in and out of joint frequently. He will be doing some strengthening exercises daily to strengthen the muscles around the joints for more stability. Chase got a splint to use for his left hand while playing his guitar. He also got some finger splints, as he tends to hyper-extend his fingers, which can also cause pain. He will be doing some daily exercises to strengthen his hands and wrists. Brooklyn got a good report--her hands and grip are doing fairly well.


However, when we got to Jonah, he failed the hand strengthening and grip testing. He will be doing quite a few daily exercises and will really need some more aggressive treatment to protect the use of his hands. We will be talking more about this with the physical therapist on Thursday. Admittedly, with all Elijah has gone through these past months and with other stresses, Jonah has fallen behind on his therapy exercises. I just felt so bad about how Jonah's weakness has progressed. Sometimes I just want the doctors to give us pills and say, "Take this and everyone will get better." EDS doesn't work that way. It's hard work--3 steps forward, 2 steps back--and lately it feels like we've gone farther and farther back. It's easy to get discouraged and I've really struggled with this today.


After a hurried lunch, Jonah, Elijah, and I rushed to the GI appointment. Elijah's endoscopy is still scheduled for next Tuesday, May 27. Tomorrow he will see the cardiologist, who will give the final OK. Jonah has some GI issues that he would rather I not discuss too fully. However, with his GI exam today, and the fact that he's lost about 15 pounds since the last time we were in Cincinnati (October), he will be tested for Crohn's disease and both Elijah and Jonah will be tested for Celiac disease. Jonah will have a full workup as soon as they can get him in--endoscopy and colonoscopy. I asked (ok I begged) for them to do this next week, since I have to stay behind with Elijah anyway, for his endoscopy. They are going to try and work it out but they said scheduling it for next week would take a miracle. I told the nurse, "I believe in miracles! I'll pray. God can work miracles." She smiled politely and said, "OK then, you can pray. The only way it will happen is if we have some kind of cancellation...but you go right ahead. You pray."


So will you pray with me? I want to do this in God's timing, of course, so I want to pray according to His will. Will you pray that we can get Jonah's testing done next week as well, if this is God's will? And will you pray in regard to these digestive diseases, that God will either remove them in the boys or give them the strength to endure them?


Midway through Jonah's GI exam and consultation, Elijah burst into loud sobs. I think he had just had enough. I held him and we talked through it, but he couldn't really say why he was so upset. Even the doctor tried talking to him. To be honest, after Elijah's outburst, I think we all wanted to sit down and have a good cry (even the doctors).


So tonight was the PERFECT night to see some VERY DEAR friends from Dayton who also have EDS. We had dinner together and swam and laughed and played together. God knew just what we needed. Here is a picture of their silliness tonight. A joyful heart is good medicine!


Tomorrow is another very full day. We will start off with Elijah at 9am, who will have a 2 hour session of pelvic floor therapy. He is still having to train the bladder to empty, and this is hard work. Then both Jonah and Elijah have EKGs tomorrow and will see the cardiologist who specializes in POTS and EDS. We will be discussing Elijah's mysterious blood pressure wars and what to do about it. Elijah will also see one of his favorite doctors, the urologist, tomorrow--Dr. Jackson. She is an older lady who has just been such a blessing to us.


How can you pray?


1. Please pray that all doctors, nurses, and everyone else will see Jesus in us.
2. Please pray for Jonah's testing, that if God wills it, we can get it done next week!
3. Please pray for BURSTS of JOY throughout the day.
4. Please pray that God will give the cardiologist and urologist wisdom as they try to
sort out Elijah's hematuria and high blood pressure.


You all are such a blessing to us. Thanks for listening, and thanks for praying. We love you!


Lygia, Brooklyn, Chase, Jonah, & Elijah





Cincinnati - Day 4 - A Day of Miracles (Wednesday, May 21)


Dear Prayer Team:


Please read Lygia's update below:


Hello everyone! What a great day this was! I could hardly wait to get back to the hotel this evening to tell you about it.


First of all, we started our day with a pelvic floor therapy "video game". Can you believe it? When attached to a machine, Elijah could make a dolphin swim and dive by strengthening his pelvic floor muscles. This teaches him which muscles to use when voiding his urine so that he will be more successful in emptying his bladder. He also had to keep a different kind of fish on a certain track by keeping his stomach muscles relaxed. He did great and smiled through most of it. Later, as we were leaving, he said, "Hmmm...I wonder if there's an app for that!" lol Outburst of JOY!


Later that morning, while Jonah and I were at cardiology, the hospital called my cell phone to say that they had scheduled Jonah's endoscopy and colonoscopy for MAY 27, IN THE MORNING!!! IT WAS SCHEDULED AT A PERFECT TIME, DUE TO A CANCELLATION!! IT WAS THE MIRACLE WE PRAYED FOR!!. I hung up the phone and told one of the cardiologists all about how God works miracles! She wasn't too impressed, but I just couldn't help myself!! God is so good! Outburst of JOY!


As we were leaving cardiology, I was praying, "God, I wish so much that I could just see that GI nurse--to remind her that I prayed and that YOU made the difference!! Would You not let her miss that, God?" About a half hour later, SHE WALKED BY while we were eating our lunch downstairs. She saw me and stopped. "Hey!" she said, "Did scheduling call you?" I was THRILLED. I got to talk about how God is a God of miracles and how He answers prayer. That was so nice of God to let me be the one to tell her. She walked away with a smile on her face, so I pray a seed was planted! Outburst of JOY!!


Later, when Elijah met with Dr. Jackson (the urologist), we got some encouraging news again. She thinks she has found why he's having all of these blood pressure, hematuria, kidney pain wars. He has a tube from his kidney to his bladder that is undersized--and with all the fluid he drinks for his heart condition, this is apparently aggravating his whole urinary system. This must be fixed surgically, but it could be a great success. First, however, they've got to run more tests (an MRI, renal scan) to make sure this is the problem. Please pray for this--that God would continue to show them where the problems are coming from. And please pray once again that these tests can be done next week, while we are still here!


While we were there, Dr. Jackson looked at Jonah and said, "Jonah I'm SO PROUD of you for walking now! I remember seeing you in a wheelchair before, and now you look so strong! What do you think has helped you the most to get out of the wheelchair?"


Without missing a beat, Jonah said, "Prayer. God did it. And also the intensive therapy program here at the hospital really helped me."


Dr. Jackson smiled and said, "You're right, Jonah. Prayer really makes a difference."


I smiled all the way out the door. God is good!! Talk about outbursts of JOY throughout the day. It was AWESOME!


Another time during the day, a DEAR friend walked into the waiting room to say hello! She is an OT who lived in Dallas when we were there several years ago. Now she lives and works in this area. She made us laugh and encouraged us all the way until our appointment. Outburst of JOY!


And Jonah saw Ronald McDonald at the Hospital and they took selfies together (see attached picture). This made us all laugh. You never know who you'll see at Cincinnati Children's! (No, we haven't heard from the Ronald McDonald House yet...please keep praying!) Outburst of JOY!


Beginning tomorrow, Elijah will wear another 24 hour blood pressure monitor. The cardiologist believes that Elijah's blood pressure medication is worsening his syncopy and falling. Over the past few months, he has fainted and hit his head, fallen down the stairs and injured his ankle, and dislocated his wrists and shoulder several times. He has always struggled with syncopy, but it has worsened over the past months. If his blood pressure presents itself as fairly normal on the 24 hour monitor, then Elijah will get off the medication. Then we will have to wait a few weeks and do another 24 hour monitor to see how he's doing without medication. We will also monitor Elijah's fainting and falling (which makes me a nervous wreck anyway!) over these weeks to see if the cardiologist's theory is correct. It may be necessary to stay on the bp meds until this kidney problem is sorted out...so we will be monitoring him closely. I will be praying a lot about this during these next few weeks!


Tomorrow we have physical therapy appointments. It will take most of the day. They will get orthotics for their new shoes, so they can wear them! Also, Jonah has a bone evaluation and will see a spine specialist for his back pain. Brooklyn has a tour at Cincinnati Conservatory tomorrow. She is considering this school for her master's degree.


Please pray for her as she seeks God's will in which school to attend...there are several she is interested in.


1. Please spend some time PRAISING GOD for the answered prayers we've had today!
2. Please continue to pray that others will see Jesus in us!
3. Please keep praying for God's will regarding the Ronald McDonald House and for God's provision.
4. Please pray that Elijah's testing can be done next week while we are still here. Pray for God's will concerning this surgery and his blood pressure issues.


We love you all! Lygia, Brooklyn, Chase, Jonah, & Elijah





Cincinnati - Day 5 - God is Faithful (Thursday, May 22)

Dear Prayer Warriors:


Here's the update from Lygia:

Hello everyone--what a day! Again, it was full of ANSWERED prayer. We started the day with an anesthesia consult for Elijah's endoscopy this coming Tuesday. They took his blood pressure and it was too high, so I thought they were going to cancel the endoscopy. They asked many, many questions and consulted with several doctors. In the meantime, we were praying God's best! After about 90 minutes of consultation, they decided to do the endoscopy, with careful monitoring. Praise God! Now we must begin praying heavily that they will capture the bacteria that they need to find during the endoscopy. Jonah will also have an endoscopy/colonoscopy on that same day for the Crohn's testing. HOW IN THE WORLD am I going to be with both boys? Jonah's testing is at noon and Elijah's is around 3pm. Please pray that this will not be too stressful, as I try to spend time with both boys. Brooklyn will be with us part of the time until her orthopedic appointment at 3pm, so that will help.


After the consult, the 3 boys & I went to physical therapy for their evaluation. It was...OK. The physical therapist is WONDERFUL and knows SO MUCH about EDS, but she's also scary. lol The boys have both gotten weaker since we last saw her in September, and she fussed at them for neglecting their intensive therapy exercises. Ideally they are supposed to do an hour and a half's worth of home therapy PER DAY to keep the muscles around the joints strengthened. We have a book to go by and everything...we've just neglected it. And though Jonah appears stronger in his legs, he has actually gotten a lot weaker over the past few months. Elijah too. She understood that we have had a rough few months with health issues, but she was still very firm with the boys. Correction accepted. We will get back on the therapy when we get home!


This was the first time this therapist had evaluated Chase. She gave him home exercises as well. All 3 boys received orthotics for their shoes.


After PT, we had to RUN to Jonah's next appointment, orthopedics. After reviewing x-rays of his vertebrae, he will have to being intensive back therapy. Back pain is typical in kids with EDS. The orthopedic doctor gave us instructions for our PT in St. Louis that explain the kind of PT that Jonah will need.


From orthopedics we went to cardiology to have Elijah's 24 hour bp monitor put on. His bp was high when they put it on, so I'm not sure he's going to be able to do without his blood pressure medication. We will see what God does.


Brooklyn had a great day touring Cincinnati Conservatory. She even got to practice in one of their practice rooms. After picking her up we had a relaxing dinner with some friends and then back to the hotel.


Tomorrow Ken & the kids will drive here to spend the weekend with us. WE CAN'T WAIT!!! We have been saving our money for a long time for this special weekend. It is also Elijah's birthday weekend--his birthday is Sunday. He will be 10 years old! Sniff...


God did an AMAZING miracle today...last night when I pulled cash from my cash envelope, there was only $20.00 in the envelope. I knew that would not be enough for meals for today, so I just prayed about it and told the Lord I wasn't worried, that I knew He would provide. I told Chase about it, and I just put the money away and went to bed. Today at lunch, I pulled the cash out and IT WAS A $50.00 BILL INSTEAD!! Chase and I both just stared at it. It was enough for the day! It's true!! God gives us our daily bread and He is FAITHFUL. He is enough!! He is ALL WE NEED! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.


Tomorrow all 3 boys will see neurology. Chase and Jonah will go to the Tremor Clinic and Elijah will go to the Migraine Clinic. Please pray that things go smoothly, and that the doctors will have wisdom on how to help the boys. I am VERY careful about meds, and I'm not sure we want to go that route. Pray that God will give me wisdom about that as well.




1. Please pray that we will be a shining light while we are here--a true witness for Jesus!
2. Please pray that this testing the boys have on Tuesday will be successful--that we get the bacteria we need from Elijah's biopsy, and that we get good results on Jonah's testing.
3. Please pray for our endurance. We walk a lot here, and Brooklyn and Elijah are really struggling with every step. Elijah has already used the wheelchair a few times.
4. Please pray for wisdom in today's appointments and a clear picture on the bp monitor of what's going on with Elijah.
5. Please pray for a fun and safe weekend with the rest of our family.


Do you know how much I love you and depend on you all? You are a true blessing in our lives. Thanks so much for your love, prayers, and concern.


Lygia, Brooklyn, Chase, Jonah, & Elijah




Cincinnati - Day 6 - Together At Last (Friday, May 23)

Dear Prayer Warriors:


I hope you are well. Please see below for Lygia's update for today. God's blessings on you:

Hello everyone! Isn't it great to have a 3 day weekend? Brooklyn and I counted all of the appointments we went to this week (starting Monday) and we counted 26 so far. 26 appointments!


We began our appointments early this morning in neurology. Chase & Jonah went to the Tremor Clinic. We were THRILLED to meet the neurologist and to find out that he is involved in a church plant in Cincinnati!!! Isn't that awesome? He spent several hours evaluating Chase and Jonah and diagnosed them both with postural tremors. These tremors are not necessarily tied to EDS but they are definitely genetic. There is medication to slow down the tremors, but first we are going to try some specific occupational therapy and see if that helps. Elijah was evaluated as well, for headaches and for the "hot spot" that he has in his neck. We are going to start him on some regular medication that will help with this "misfiring" that is happening in his nervous system.


After neurology, Elijah got his 24 hour blood pressure monitor taken off. He hasn't felt well today--he used the wheelchair part of the day and has been fussy. But seeing Daddy and the rest of the sibs really cheered him up! It has cheered us ALL up!! We are so happy to be together again as a family. What a great weekend this is going to be! :-)


All tests are now scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday will be Jonah's GI testing for Crohn's disease and Elijah's endoscopy to take the biopsy of his stomach/colon. Brooklyn has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on Tuesday afternoon for a 2nd opinion on her hip surgery. On Wednesday, Elijah will have a lasix renal scan. They will be looking for the tube that they suspect is undersized. Please, please pray that they find what the problem is. The urologist explained to me that if there's not a flare up, they may not see the tube malfunctioning in the scan. PLEASE pray for a flare up, if this is indeed the problem. I know that seems like a funny request, but Elijah would feel so much better if we could find this problem and get it repaired.


Today when we were walking around Cincinnati (waiting until 3pm to get the blood pressure monitor removed, we came across the sign "altar'd state" (see attached picture). I love it!! In Christ we are in an "altar'd state", don't you think? We place ourselves on the altar, in total submission to His will for our lives: through sickness, through health, through poverty, through provision...no matter WHAT God allows in our lives, we are "altar'd" for Him. I want to be totally "altar'd". Don't you?


If you can this weekend, please continue praying for our journey here in Cincinnati.


1. Please pray that we would be a witness here for Christ.
2. Please pray for the testing that will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pray that they go smoothly (Jonah's will be a little rough, with an endoscopy AND a colonoscopy) and that the biopsy and kidney test will be a success. Pray God's will for these results.


Many, many, MANY thanks to our friend Andreana Setser from Dayton,OH who lovingly took our dirty, disgusting 2 huge trashbags of laundry home with her and washed our clothes!! That has ministered to us so much. We thank you and we love you!


Many, many, MANY thanks to all of YOU who have prayed for us, encouraged us, stood in the gap for us, and loved us. We love you!


Totally "altar'd",


Lygia, Brooklyn, Chase, Jonah, & Elijah
(...and all the rest of us...)






Cincinnati - Day 7 - Elijah (Saturday, May 24)


Dear Prayer Warriors:


Thanks for lifting us up before the Lord. We need you more than you know. Please find Lygia's update below...and when it comes to praying, please, don't stop now. -- Ken

Tomorrow is Elijah's birthday...his Double Digit Day! He will be 10 years old. All day today I kept asking him, "Are you enjoying your last day to be 9?"


Right before I got pregnant with Elijah, I miscarried. It doesn't seem like so long ago. I was 40 years old and wanted one more bionicle. When I miscarried, I also lost an ovary. The doctor recommended we not have any more bionicles....since I was older and my chances of getting pregnant were less. I was devastated! I went home and prayed. I asked God if I could have just one more baby. He said yes.


Several months into the pregnancy, I was reading my Bible and felt strongly impressed that the baby was a boy and we were supposed to name him Elijah. I didn't say anything about it, thinking I could have possibly misheard. An older lady in our church--one whose walk with the Lord I loved and respected, came to me a few days later and said that God told her my baby was a boy I was supposed to name him Elijah. Wow! I didn't doubt God's words after that. I had heard right!


...and Elijah Gannon Lovelace was born on May 25, 2004.


This past year with Elijah has seemed like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...so many health scares. If you asked him, Elijah would tell you that his favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I know he has clung DESPERATELY to this verse this year. So have I.


We are hoping and praying for a better health year as he begins his 10th year...but even more important than that is his walk with the Lord. I would be so grateful if you would pray with me for him--that through all of this, he would learn to love and depend even more on the Almighty God. After all, that is what life on this earth is all about!


Along with this, our 2nd most important prayer request is for his health right now. This weekend he has a cough and doesn't feel great. He cannot have any respiratory issues if they are going to run these tests next week. We do NOT want them to postpone them. I am hoping to go home this next week--and so far we can't go home until at least Thursday. Would you please pray that he does NOT develop a cold or a cough, so that he can remain healthy for the testing he will get on Tuesday and Wednesday? Thank you so much.


Many blessings. We love you all. Thank you so much for praying for us during this time.








Cincinnati - Day 8 - Happy Birthday Elijah (Sunday, May 25)


Dear Prayer Team:


Please find Lygia's update for today below. God's blessings on you!

We are so encouraged today! Elijah smiled all day, with almost NO COUGHING!! THANK YOU for your prayers! He & Jonah should be "good to go" for their testing. Another miracle is that both boys are allergic to chlorine, but they did GREAT swimming this weekend with very little rash. It has truly been an awesome weekend!


At midnight Jonah starts his "no eating" in prep for his colonoscopy, so he is eating everything in sight right now!


Tomorrow morning we get to go to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati for FREE! (Thank you Jamie Hitt & Ken Ham!) Then, Ken (my Ken) & the kids (Chase added) will go home, while Brooklyn, Jonah, Elijah, and I go back to the hotel for another week of tests and appointments. I was tearful and dreading it yesterday, but today we had church in our hotel room (we missed you, church family!) and Ken led a Bible study on "Why God allows His children to suffer." It was so helpful! The kids asked a lot of questions and we spent time in prayer. I feel re-charged and ready to go again...we are not really looking forward to it...but we are ready! ...ready for what God has for us!


1. Please pray that others will continue to see Jesus in us!
2. Please pray for an easy prep time for Jonah. His colonoscopy is not until late afternoon on Tuesday. I feel concerned about his POTS (heart) condition and going so long without eating. A friend wrote us today about the colonoscopy and it reallly encouraged us. (Thank you Teresa Deevers!)
3. Please continue to pray for ANSWERS and WISDOM for the doctors in all this testing.
4. Please don't forget to thank God for all of His answers and miracles.


We love you all and are praying for you as well! THANK YOU for taking this journey with us!


Lygia, for all





Cincinnati - Day 9 - Memorial Day (Monday, May 26)


Dear Prayer Team:


Thank you so much for your continued prayers. It was a tearful day as I had to come back to St. Louis and Lygia and the gang stayed in Cincinnati, but we greatly enjoyed our time together as family. Please see Lygia's update below:


Hello everyone! I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day.


We spent an AWESOME morning at the Creation Museum here in Cincinnati. We had so much fun! The attached picture shows some of the kids in front of the portrayal of the Garden of Eden.


After our fun time there, Ken, Chase, Grayson, Josiah, Emalee, & Emerson left to go back to St. Louis, and the rest of us came to the hotel (again) here in Cincinnati. We called the Ronald McDonald House again, but they are still very full, with a long waiting list.


Poor Jonah has been doing his colon prep all day before his colonoscopy tomorrow. :-( I feel so sorry for him. Elijah has played with his birthday toys and enjoyed the day. I am overwhelmed at the friends God has given us in this area! Today we had some wonderful friends from Kentucky who came to the hotel and then took us (except for poor Jonah) to supper!


Tomorrow around 11am we will leave for Same Day Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Elijah's endoscopy is at 1:15 and Jonah's endoscopy & colonoscopy are at 3:15. What a day it will be! My dear friend Pam has offered to come and help me "be there" for the boys while Brooklyn has her ortho appointment. I'm so THANKFUL!

1. Please pray that others will see Jesus in us tomorrow! Pray for our joy & endurance.
2. Please pray that Jonah will be encouraged and have strength to continue thru with the colonoscopy. He's done OK so far! Praise the Lord!
3. Please pray for the testing, that the doctors will find the problems. Pray that Elijah's biopsy will be successful, and that they capture the bacteria they are looking for.
4. Please pray for Brooklyn as she gets another opinion regarding her hip surgery. She also needs wisdom about whether to have the surgery here or in St. Louis.


Thank you for hanging in with us this far. I hope you are not getting tired of all of my letters. We love you all so much and are so grateful for your prayers!


Lygia, Brooklyn, Jonah, & Elijah








Cincinnati - Day 10 - A Marathon Day (Tuesday, May 27)


Dear Prayer Team:


Thank you for hanging with us as we continue in need of your standing in the gap for our family. Please find Lygia's update below:


Today was a marathon. We arrived around 11am at Children's Hospital and didn't leave until around 6pm. Elijah had his endoscopy and Jonah had his endoscopy and colonoscopy. Brooklyn also had an orthopedic appointment.


ELIJAH: The endoscopy showed many areas throughout his esophagus and stomach that were affected with the Hpylori. This certainly explains his GI problems! The doctor was able to take many biopsies and they have been sent to a research hospital in Utah. They took more biopsies to be examined here for other possible problems. Elijah came through it great and was eating packages of crackers by the dozens within a few hours.


JONAH: I was so glad when Jonah finally received IV fluids and went back for his testing. He had really gotten pale and dizzy and just wasn't feeling well. Jonah's procedures took about an hour. They took many biopsies. According to the doctor, the esophagus and stomach do not look healthy. He showed me photos of problem areas and said the biopsies would most likely reveal what is wrong. He mentioned 3 possibilities:
      1. reflux problems
      2. allergies (either to certain foods or airborne allergens)
      3. Crohn's disease. He said we should receive results by next Monday.

Jonah's colon looked fine (a definite PRAISE!), but that doesn't rule out Crohn's disease, especially if it is in the early stages. So we will wait and see. And we will pray. Today Elijah and I read from Psalm 27: "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." That is what we will do.


Something I love about coming here is that every time a new doctor or nurse looks at Jonah's chart, he or she will make a comment about Jonah having been in a wheelchair. We always get questions about how he is able to walk again. What a GREAT opportunity to talk about the goodness of God and the power of prayer! Truly, "...the Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!" (Psalm 126:3) We will "sing of the mercies of the Lord forever!"


BROOKLYN: She got some good advice from the orthopedic doctor and will be pursuing surgery soon--most likely in St. Louis. She is now finished with doctor's appointments in Cincinnati this trip and can relax until time to come home! (another PRAISE!)


God sent a very dear friend to us today, Pam Schlomann, who sat with Elijah while I was with Jonah (and vice versa)...I don't know how I would've done it without her. Thank you so much, Pam! You were an answer to our prayers! (another PRAISE!)


I never saw a kid so happy to eat a sandwich as Jonah was today after the procedures were done. It had been nearly 2 days since he had eaten! (see attached picture)


Elijah still has his IV attached from today's procedure (see attached picture). Tomorrow morning (EARLY) he has a renal scan, which also requires an IV. It will take about 2 hours. PLEASE pray that they will find the problem with his kidneys. PLEASE pray for answers!


Both boys were very brave today and I was proud of them. They were full of questions and uncertainties but handled everything pretty well. My FAVORITE question of the day was from Elijah. He innocently asked, "Mom, will they use the same scope to do Jonah's colonoscopy and then his endoscopy?" LOL


1. Please pray that we can continue to give a joyful testimony concerning all the Lord has done for us! Pray that we will be a shining light.

2. Please pray that the biopsies from today will be examined thoroughly and accurately! Pray that God will give us strength to handle whatever journey He has for us!

3. Please pray for the renal scan tomorrow, that the answers to all of these kidney questions will be obvious and even fixable--according to God's plan.


Thank you yet again for listening. We love you all so much. YOU are a definite PRAISE in our lives! THANK YOU for your prayers!


Lygia, Brooklyn, Jonah, Elijah









Cincinnati - Day 11 - Renal Scan (Wednesday, May 28)


Dear Prayer Team:


Here's Lygia's update:


GUESS WHAT!! GUESS WHAT!! WE ARE HOME!!! This morning Elijah had his renal scan. Then we went to confirm his pelvic floor therapy session for tomorrow morning (mainly because I couldn't remember what time to be there), and there had been some mix-up. It wasn't on the schedule. They asked me if I wanted them to try and get it on the schedule for tomorrow. So I said, "Well...what I REALLY want is to go HOME."


And that's what we did. We loaded up the van in about an hour and we left a day early. Not only did we save another night's expense in the hotel, but we got to surprise the other kids tonight when we arrived home. And you know what else?


HOME is the best therapy there is.


Elijah's renal scan (see attached pictures) this morning was both encouraging and discouraging. It was mostly normal. The left kidney, the one that causes the pain, was a little slower than the right kidney, but other than that, there was nothing definitive for them to make a diagnosis. To be honest, I wanted to cry. Of course I don't WANT there to be a problem, but I want them to FIND what's wrong!! So, as it stands now, we are sorta back at square 1, and we will have to have the kidney biopsy done in July. It will be done here in St. Louis, so that will be easier. We have found a nephrologist here in STL that we like, who willingly works with Cincinnati Children's on Elijah's issues.


I would be so grateful if you would keep praying for this whole kidney process with Elijah. Admittedly, he is doing OK right now--there's not a "flare up." We haven't seen blood in his urine in about 2 weeks and he's not had the back pain or the really high blood pressure...so we will just have to wait and see what happens. Sometimes waiting is the hardest! I read somewhere that the word "wait" appears over 100 times in the Bible. I believe it, don't you? This waiting develops patience and trust in the Almighty.


So we will wait, and we will pray.


I guess this will be my last email update for awhile, until we get test results and/or diagnoses from all of the biopsies they took...I'd like to keep you posted if you don't mind. THANK YOU so much for taking this journey with us. I will miss the daily correspondence. You have blessed and encouraged us more than you know.


And me? I feel like I need to be constantly in the Word for about a week. I have missed my Bible study time, as I haven't spent the time studying like I do at home. I miss that. I NEED that. I also want to have a good cry. That always helps. But crying doesn't come easily to me, and sometimes it happens at the WORST times. I know the other Lovelaces need me--it's hard when mama is gone. We need zoo time and movie time and silly time and time away from doctors. I'm looking forward to that.


So please keep in touch. Let us know how we can pray for you. Share your thoughts and insights with us.


We love you so much,

Lygia, for all








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