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What We Choose



"Mommy, look! It's snowing again! Will the birds be OK?"


As I looked out the window, I marveled at the weather. Snow was blowing everywhere. Ice was most certainly on its way again and already there were gorgeous fields of white for as far as I could see.


This winter wonderland has spread through much of our nation this season! It's gorgeous! But with the beauty has also come treachery. Many, many people have gone without power. No electric light, no warmth, no connection with loved ones...it's been frightening for many! Car accidents, broken limbs, and flying ice have been common.


It's also been aggravating. One poor friend of ours, just a few days ago, dressed for the cold and determinedly walked out into the freezing temperatures. He trudged out to his mailbox to retrieve a movie he had received in the mail…but by the time he got back into the house, his TV no longer worked! His electrical power was gone! And it sporadically would continue to do so throughout the day.


Life without power. The unpredictability of disappointment and even defeat.


Ironically all week long, Emalee has been walking around the house singing, "There is power…in the Name of Jesus." This is where our power comes from! We have felt that warmth and power this week -- even in the frigid temperatures of the season. On Tuesday we learned that a little friend of ours was miraculously healed of cancer! Oh, the blood of Jesus! After months of crying and praying for that little one, I was stunned at the warm blast of power God had shown. Overcome and overwhelmed by the news, I went into the bathroom and fell to the floor with tears of joy…prostrate before Him…praising the Father for His grace and mercy! Even now as I think of it, tears spring to my eyes! What a mighty God we serve!!


Oh, my friend! How often do we deny His power? Do we try to do the Christian life without it? Are you often disappointed? Defeated?


First of all, where does this power come from? The presence of God. The Holy Spirit at work in our lives brings the power needed to live the Christian life. If we are children of God -- ones who have truly accepted Christ's gift of salvation -- then the Holy Spirit of God dwells within us. That's what the Bible says.


But do we live like the Holy Spirit is there? Do we live like there is POWER in the Name of Jesus?


Almost a year ago, Brooklyn's ankle began bothering her. At first we thought it was only a sprain, but as time went by, she began having more and more trouble walking. The outcome? Surgery. Apparently she was born with a problem in both feet. She is due to have surgery on the other foot this coming week.


So how's your walk? I have definitely struggled with mine over the years…from sprains to painful limping to even debilitating lameness at times. I'm talking about the spiritual walk now, you know. For such a long time I didn't understand the struggle. I read about the power of God in His Word. I read about Stephen and his power to proclaim Christ, even at death's door…I read about Paul and Silas and Peter and the power of God in their lives, even behind prison doors!


But when circumstances locked me in the prison of trials and tribulations, there were times when I could barely hold my head up, too depleted -- too weak to sing and praise God in the midst of uncertain outcomes. Why? Doesn't God give us that power so that we can know we are victorious in Him, no matter what?


Well, doesn't He??


His power is there. Why can't I remember that and draw on it throughout my day? Am I truly plugged in? Or have I allowed instead the treachery of icy trials to cut off my source of life and warmth and all things good? It's my choice.


Though I am hard-headed, something I have learned is that the choice begins BEFORE the forecast predicts the coldness. It begins with our preparation for the dark clouds to come…


How? By complete surrender -- dying daily, as Paul describes it. By complete devotion to His Word, by finding out what He wants us to do (from His Word) and then doing it, every time. By confessing our sins and keeping our minds and hearts set on things above…not on earthly things (Colossians 3). Then our icy, slippery trials won't seem so shockingly cold. Why? Because as we surrender, as we grow…then we learn…about Who the Father is. We realize Who is on our side! If we really understood what a holy and powerful God we have, we would know how sinful it is to worry and how ridiculous it is to neglect the power He has placed inside of us…


When we lived in Texas, our car was repeatedly broken into! We would hear nothing in the middle of the night only to wake up to a smashed car window and a ransacked car the next morning! Woe to the criminals who looked for valuables in our car…only coins lingered in the ash tray. Our car is full of child's toys, worn out car seats, and preaching tapes that Ken loves to listen to when he drives. One time the perpetrator took a few dollars from our front seat, but accidentally left his foot-long fancy screw driver. We actually made money on that robbery!


But still, repeatedly, our car window would be smashed. It was frustrating! Finally, we had sense enough NOT to lock our car door.


"Just come right on in!" Ken jokingly yelled down the street one night as we left the car unlocked.


They did. We would often find things missing, and we even left snacks, Bibles, and tracts in the car for those who seemed fascinated with robbing us…


How do you handle your trials? Are you resistant to them? Or do you approach them with the power of Jesus?


If you have given your life to Him, then you need not fear the dangerous "ice storms" and possible sprains and surgeries and robberies that come your way. Unlock the fear and resistance of your heart! Yell to your problems, "Just come right on in!" After all, your problems are God's opportunities!


But for what? For His power to be evident in your life.


I have not mastered this. But I am learning. It is a journey for a lifetime.


Several years ago, Ken was talking with a fellow pastor from Texas. We were jobless at the time, totally depending upon God for our every need -- meal by meal, payment by payment. Over and over, we witnessed the power of God through His provision. As he was giving testimony to this brother regarding the goodness of our Jehovah-Jireh, Ken quoted a verse:


I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
or their children begging bread.

Psalm 37:25


That other pastor looked Ken straight in the eye and said, "Well…I HAVE. I don't believe that verse…"




Even in God's withholding of provision for a time, we know there is power: a lesson to be learned, a greater glory to be experienced…because God's Word is always true.




It's what you choose, my friend. Faith or faltering? Courage or fear? Growth or bitterness? Victory or defeat?


There is power in the Name of Jesus!


For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but
you received the Spirit of Sonship.

And by Him we cry, "Abba, Father!"
Romans 8:15


For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a Spirit of POWER, of love, and of self-discipline.
II Timothy 1:7






Copyright © 2011. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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