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Chloe's Bulbs & God's Miracles



My moods have been as drab and dreary as the weather these past few months. The garden at the front of our house is a wasteland of dead grass and weeds, hard and crusty cold ground. My emotions have struggled to be more than that.


A few weeks before the cold weather came, I pulled out the rest of our summer garden. I marveled at the change in the green leaves of spring -- the fresh squash blooms and the red tomatoes -- the life of summer. Everything was drying up…preparing for the battle of winter.


Not knowing that our own battle would soon come, I prepared the flower beds for winter. Sweet little 4 year old Chloe from church had given me some tulip bulbs, just because she knew I liked flowers.


"These will be OUR flowers," I told her. "We'll plant them and watch them grow together!" Several weeks after, she and I and the twins worked side by side, pulling dead plants out of the flower beds and poking those ugly bulbs down one by one in the cool dirt in front of our house.


"How can flowers come from these ugly old balls?" Chloe asked.


"When will they become flowers?" asked one of the twins.

"Sometime in the spring. We will watch! Remember what they look like now, because it will be amazing to see what God does!"


I forgot all about those tulip bulbs and watching for God's miracles when a few weeks before Christmas, Jonah woke up and couldn't walk. Since that sad and shocking time, I have lain awake at night, crying and wondering what to do. Surely this wasn't happening to us. How could I fix this? Surely this would pass. Surely I would wake up the next morning and his pain would be gone. Surely I would hear Jonah bounding down the stairs in his big clunky orthopedic shoes. Surely I would hear his hammer and saw in the garage as he built some new wooden invention…surely.


Surely not my baby, Lord!


But why not my baby? A few days after Jonah's January birthday -- a birthday spent in his wheelchair -- I was driving downtown and saw a handicapped man in a wheelchair cruising through the streets. He was dirty and disheveled. As I was stopped at a red light I watched him moving through the crowd. The Spirit then whispered in my ear, "Do you think that the children I gave to you are better than the rest of My children? Do you?"


So why not us?


For three months we've been on this journey of pain. I've seen my 12 year old Jonah cry more in these past three months than ever in his life. He's always had pain -- even before we understood his disease -- but it's never been this intense. He's always had the habit of praising God with the pain -- each time he felt a pain he would think of something to praise God for. But praise has truly been a sacrifice with this much pain. He's had strong days -- days of God's promises and a joyful heart. And he's had weak days -- days as ugly as Chloe's bulbs…days that I'd like to bury in the cold ground of winter and never look at again.


This coming week we will travel to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to the Connective Tissue Clinic. Can they help Jonah to walk again? I don't know. In a way I dread going. What if there's nothing they can do? Do I really want to hear that? How can any kind of hope or beauty come from such ugly pain?


The other night during Bible study, Ken asked if anyone had a prayer request. Little Chloe was standing next to me. I didn't even know she was listening. Suddenly she called out, seriously and determined -- and so loudly that it made me jump,




Chloe is praying for Jonah. Many people are.


This morning as we were getting ready to go to church, I stepped outside to look at the sleet and rain. Wet, dreary, miserable.


But then I saw them…strong green stems…pushing up through the cold hard soil. Chloe's bulbs have begun to grow…the promise of change! The hope of beauty. New life.


Whether or not Jonah walks again, I will remember Chloe's bulbs and God's miracles. God's miracles are about new life -- maybe not new legs -- but certainly about new purpose and new joy. New growth.


Spring is coming. Just watch! Remember what this looks like now, because it will be amazing to see what God does!



Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time.He has planted eternity
in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of
God's work from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11



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