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Elijah Ate A Light Bulb



A few years ago, when Elijah was 3, he ate a light bulb. He was holding a little flashlight, and, having removed the plastic cover from the tiny little light, he was gazing steadily at the bulb. For some unexplained reason, he took a big bite, and completely bit the light off of the flashlight!


"Uh...Mom...Elijah just ate a light bulb..."


"Don't be silly. Nobody eats a light bulb," I said, as I glanced at Elijah's face.


Hmmm...well...he was chewing uncertainly on something. It was making a definite crunching sound. And there appeared to be some kind of wire sticking out of his mouth...?


I stuck my fingers in his mouth, probing his teeth. He had been crunching on something...yes, it was glass! Gladly he spit out particles of glass while I picked little pieces from between his teeth.


It may have looked tempting, but he didn't enjoy it...I'm pretty sure he won't do that again...


Just the other day, Josiah was standing in front of the hutch, staring at our dishes from Portugal. They are such pretty dishes, with shepherds painted on them -- the kind of shepherds we saw often in Portugal. I guess my heart is still sad when I think of our lives there...I miss it. I miss the people, and the way of life there. I miss speaking the language. I miss our children growing up there. I miss all the African orphans. I miss stepping out of our apartment building onto the busy streets below.


I have not even used those dishes. I've just kept them in the hutch, as a keepsake (or a shrine...?) to the way our lives once were. Silly, I know.


Finally, Josiah asked, "Mom...why don't we ever use those dishes? What's wrong with them?"


I didn't know how to answer that! Josiah has no idea, of course, of the memories those dishes hold. To him, they are vessels to be used -- tools for stirring, pouring, filling, holding, serving. If I were to try and explain to him why they were kept on a shelf, unused, he wouldn't understand.


Some time ago, Brooklyn dropped her phone behind the couch cushions. It took her forever to find it, as it actually fell into the lining of the couch. She was babysitting for us, and I wanted to talk to her. I kept calling and calling...she could hear the phone ringing inside the couch, but she couldn't find it.


Finally, with Jonah and Grayson's help, she cut open a small part of the lining of the couch and retrieved her phone. Also in the lining of the couch were small forgotten toys, old snacks, and...a Christmas present! Grayson squealed with joy as she read on the gift tag that it was a gift to her! The contents of the gift revealed that it was actually a gift to her from Chase, not last Christmas, but from two years ago...


Nice...but what's my point?


It's life.


In every experience God gives you, there is a lesson. In every bad time and in every good time, God has a plan. He can teach you in your poor choices -- like when you choose to eat a light bulb...or in your sad times---when you must leave friends and a ministry you dearly love.


There are lessons to be learned through lost cell phones, and unexpected blessings to be discovered, like old Christmas packages waiting to be opened.


Lately, I've been pondering God's plans and His ways. At times, His ways, though sovereign, are a puzzlement to me. Is that true for you as well?


For example, isn't it amazing to you that God sent His dearly loved Son -- His own treasure -- on earth to die...for sinners...for us?


I can't imagine the sorrow that those close to Jesus experienced at His horrific death. His friends, His disciples, His mom...


Then to the utter shock of everyone that knew Him, and knew of Him, He rose from the dead -- conquering death, conquering the hold of sin upon our lives. Now, we are free! We can be a true child of God through forgiveness and an obedient relationship with Christ.




And it's Life.


But this life is not always easy -- and does not always make sense. At least, not at first.


Did you ever wonder why God called the land of Canaan the "Promised Land?" There are some places of lushness and harvest, but really, most of that land is just barren, dry, and rocky. Wouldn't it have been easier for them to go to a fertile land, where harvest and growth spread for miles and miles, than to dwell in a desert -- where times were hard and dependence on God so necessary?




It all depends upon our definition of the "Promised Land," doesn't it?


What is your definition? Do you choose to embrace the "Promised Land" God has given you, no matter how hard? Do you choose to learn from your experiences? Or do you fight the God who loves you...questioning Him, resenting Him?


Do you long for an easier "Promised Land?"


It may not be the oasis you hoped for...but it's life.


And it's yours, and it's a gift.


And God has a plan.


This morning, as we were preparing to leave for church, Emalee was a grump. Nothing pleased her. She wanted to be held, but she didn't want anyone to touch her. She wanted to go with us, but she wanted to stay home.


Ever have one of those moods?


When we got settled in the van, Elijah said, "Boy, Emalee fell off the wrong side of the bed this morning!"


We all laughed, and smiled, all the way to church.


Go ahead and laugh! It's time to celebrate! This is your life you're living! Are you learning and growing from it?


Embrace your problems. Praise His plan, whether you understand it or not.


That's faith.


Celebrate life.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the
hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done
from the beginning to end.
I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.
that everyone may eat and drink,
and find satisfaction in all his toil-this is the gift of God.
I know that everything God does will endure
Ecclesiastes 3:11-14a




Copyright 2011. Faith Matters by Lygia Lovelace. All rights reserved. KenLovelaceMinistries.com

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