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F a i t h   M a t t e r s  with Dr. Ken Lovelace


Why here? Why now?
Hebrews 11:9-10

NOTE: This devotional is a continuation of that which was introduced
in the previous devotionals entitled: The Effect of Faith on the Home,
Home-Making in the Promised Land,
and A Question of Logistics.

There's one more truth I see here, a final truth that ties it all together. The phrase, "made his home in the promised land" leads me to wonder, "Why here? Why now?" Why did God lead this man to move his home to such a God-forsaken place? Because it was a God-forsaken place! Let me put it to you another way. Why do you live where you live? How did you happen upon the house in which you made your home? Was it luck? Was it chance? Or was it providence? Just like the Lord places in churches the believers He wants in those churches, so the Lord placed you in the house where He wanted you to make your home. Your living where you live is not accidental, it's providential.


Some years ago, a lady was really ticked-off. She was so mad she couldn't control her anger at God over the fact that He allowed her, a believer, to work in a place of dirty-mouthed men who cussed and spat and moaned and groaned, and she had had enough. Because her anger was getting the best of her, she finally made an appointment with her pastor so she could talk about this problem with him. From the moment she sat down, she began to vent. She talked about their cussin'. She ranted about their comments. She raved about their lying. She railed them for their rudeness. Well, after just a little while of hearing this, whenever she'd take a breath, the pastor would ask, "Where do you put a light?" The first few times he asked it, she wasn't even fazed; she just kept "venting." After the third or fourth time, she paused and asked, "What? Why do you keep asking me that? I have no idea where you want to put your light? What are you…" and then it dawned on her. You put a light in the darkness. God had placed her, a light, in a very dark place and now she knew why. She left there that day with a new mission in mind and a new purpose in life.


Perhaps your neighborhood is a God-forsaken place, or at least appears that way. The fact that you are there means He hasn't forsaken it. In fact, He loves your neighbors so much that He led you to plant your home there among them. If God didn't "protect" Abraham and his home by insulating them from all that surrounded them, why would we think we should be any different? They, instead, became God's voice in the land and because faith had permeated their lives and their home so completely, God knew they would accomplish that for which He planted them there.


We learned last time that God creates our homes and sustains our homes, to become what? To become a "temple unto the Lord." Our homes are to be little lighthouses all around the city; small-scale extensions of the church; they are to be Kingdom Outposts. Now, you look at some churches and you say, "I sure don't want my home to be an extension of that." And you're right. There are multitudes of churches that are more like businesses or social clubs or something else. No, the church extension God wants your home to most resemble is that of a wonderful place bathed in grace. A place where people are loved and accepted, where they walk in and feel strengthened in the Lord, where they can let their hair down, their worries out, and the Spirit in.


Your being where you are is not by accident. It's time, beyond time, for you to start using your home as God intended: as a Kingdom Outpost, a missions outreach center to your neighborhood. I can't think of a better home-strengthening activity than leading people to Jesus, together. Has faith permeated your home? Don't you think it's time it should?


Copyright © 2011. Faith Matters by Dr. Ken Lovelace. All rights reserved.

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