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The Joys of Singing
by Brooklyn Lovelace




When I was two years old, I sang my first solo in church. My parents were desperate to find someone to sing the "special music" on Sunday, and had very little time to do so. They could think of no one to ask, when suddenly they heard a small voice say, "I'll do it, Mommy!" I made my debut on the stage, and was perfectly content and confident so long as I was allowed to hold the microphone. Ever since then, I have grown to love singing. Singing is my passion, and the unique skill that God has given me. As I have gotten older I have developed this skill, had many opportunities to use it, and have discovered the purpose for it in my life.


I grew up in a musical family; thus, I have been exposed to music since an early age. My mom is a piano teacher, so my siblings and I have


had piano lessons for as long as we can remember. I have played for almost eleven years. I also played the violin for eight years. This early exposure to music laid a solid foundation that will benefit me for the rest of my life. My piano and music reading knowledge have been invaluable to me in my vocal study.


My first real singing experience was with the Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas, which I joined at the age of nine. I sang with them for about four years. During that time I had many opportunities, such as singing in countless concerts, performing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Symphony Chorus, and performing in two operas with the Dallas Opera. Once, I even got to sing for President Bush at a banquet. Through these experiences, I grew to love performing, and learned to apply my knowledge of music to singing.


When I was eleven, my family and I auditioned for The Promise in Glen Rose. Performing in this production provided countless opportunities to sing. I began as a chorus member, but from the moment I first saw the role of Young Mary performed, I wanted it. I began to sing for at least an hour every day to strengthen my voice and increase my range. I got the role of Mary two years later. This interest in singing continued to intensify as we continued to do The Promise.


My voice grew immeasurably during this time, for I was constantly being challenged. But there was one thing that I learned through this experience that I had not learned anywhere else: when I combined my passion for singing with my love for Christ, I was fulfilled in a way I had never known before. I began to discover that my passion and purpose was not just performing, but using my voice for God.


Then, at the age of 14, I began voice lessons at a Cedar Valley College. Studying voice opened up a new world of knowledge for me. I learned how to use my voice properly and develop good technique. I have had to perform in recitals, juries, and competitions. Through this experience, I have gotten a tiny taste of what a vocal major would be like, and have decided to pursue it.


While I was singing in my last voice recital, I looked around at my audience and reflected on what they saw. The words I sang had no life-changing significance. The life of a concert artist or famous opera singer may be full of glamour, but how long will it be remembered when they are gone? What impact will their life have on the world around them?


God did not give me a talent to be used for my own glory; He gave it to me as a tool through which He moves to draw people closer to Him. When I sing for Him, I have a power and a beauty that are not my own. Instead of fame and fortune, I merely want the approval of my Father in heaven. This quote by B.J. Hoff says it best: "It matters not if the world has heard or approves or understands… The only applause we're meant to seek is that of nail-scarred hands."




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